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Each week, host Julie Chen Moonves will answer a few questions about the latest events inside the Big Brother: All-Stars house. Here, she weighs in on the latest eviction, the folks at the jury house, who is in the best and worst spot in the game, and what it’s like filming with all the new COVID-19 protocols.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I want to start by checking in on how the new COVID-19 filming procedures on set are going. We spoke before the season kicked off and you talked about all the protocols that were being put in place. Now that we are deep into the season, how has it been going, and can you give us an idea of what is going on around the set right before and after the show and during commercial breaks?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: Since we first started, the lot we shoot on has gone from being a ghost town to booming. Many, if not all, productions are back and the lot is bustling. On our set, it looks exactly the same as when we started... everyone in masks and keeping their distance. What’s different is the vibe, the feeling, the tone. We are fortunate to have the same crew for so many years and we are a family. This family was very quiet and cautious the first few weeks, almost scared to say hi to one another.. .now, we are just as cautious but have found a way to laugh, connect, and enjoy, all while never forgetting how to be responsible.

Tyler told you that he thought the houseguests made the right call in getting rid of him. What do you think? Should they have evicted Tyler or Christmas?

Nicole, Memphis, and Enzo for sure made the right choice in voting to evict Tyler to advance their own game. Nicole knew Tyler wanted her out... he voted to evict her during last week’s triple eviction and then nominated her when he became HOH and didn’t save her when he won the Veto. Memphis has one version of a “final 3” deal that includes Christmas. He has no deals left with Tyler because “the Committee” alliance is now done.

As for Enzo, right now he doesn’t have a strong enough record (not enough competition wins) to beat Tyler in a final 2 scenario. He stands a better chance to beat Christmas because he’s probably more popular with the first 5 jurors. As for Cody wanting Tyler out instead of Christmas, that was probably the right call. Tyler is neck and neck with Cody in winning competitions and Tyler is smart enough to know Cody is the right one to aim for next if you want to win this game.

We got our first look at the jury house this week. It looks like Dani is still emotional about her exit, and Da’Vonne is still upset with being lied to by Nicole, but nobody seems particularly angry or bitter as we have seen in years past. Do you think that has something to do with them being returning players and not taking gameplay as personal?

For sure. Plus I think Ian being the first juror probably helped set that tone. He’s such a respectful, smart, true lover of the game. He gets it. He gets that pretty much anything and everything is fair game in the BB house. I also think there’s a feeling of “I must behave because I am an All-Star.” They are all smart enough and mature enough to know being anything short of sportsmanlike is not appropriate.

Okay, Julie. We have five players left with Nicole, Christmas, Enzo, Memphis, and Cody. Who is in the best and worst spot?

Nicole is in the worst spot. I don’t see anyone handing half a mil to a former winner who has not won any competitions yet. Cody is in the best spot. He is so good at competitions and he has a final 2 deal with everyone but Christmas. Perhaps this is his year to win after doing the noble thing the first time he played (and placed 2nd). Many people feel when Cody honored his word to Derrick and evicted Victoria, he also kissed half a mil goodbye.  The feeling was that Cody could have handily beat Victoria to win the game, and he knew it, but he chose to evict her and keep his friend Derrick. Stay tuned to see if Cody takes it all this time!

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