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Each week, host Julie Chen Moonves will answer a few questions about the latest events in the Big Brother: All-Stars house. Here, she weighs in on Nicole's deciding eviction vote, Ian being voted out for the first time ever, who in the Committee is in the best and worst position, and a new celebrity neighbor moving in soon.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Nicole makes the biggest vote of the season so far, and she makes it against her best friend in the house, sending Ian to the jury. What do you make of her decision to bend to the will of her alliance?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: If Nicole wants to make history as the only person to win Big Brother twice then she had to do what she did and evict Ian. If she didn’t, she would have:

  1.  Ticked off Dani (her female best friend in the house).
  2.  Betrayed Dani (her female best friend in the house).
  3.  Forced Dani to get blood on Dani’s hands (Dani, her best female friend in the house).
  4.  Ticked off her entire alliance that was eligible to vote and compete for HOH tonight (Christmas, Cody, Memphis, Tyler) who all, by the way, have anywhere from a strong to decent chance to win future HOH (and all) competitions.
  5.  Risked being in the crosshairs of Dani (her female best friend in the house).

By the way, did I mention Dani is her female best friend in the house? Not only would it be a bad look for her to betray her female best friend in the house, I am sure she knows Dani is not someone you want to have as an enemy in this game.

Speaking of the Committee, we have six members in Dani, Nicole, Christmas, Tyler, Cody, and Memphis. Who is in the best position in this alliance, and who is in the worst?

Best position is probably Cody. He’s good at competitions, pretty much liked by all in the house, has a final 2 with Enzo in “the Root” alliance. He also kind of has a final 2 alliance with Memphis, known early in as “the Commission,” I think? He kind of has his bases covered. Christmas is not to be ignored though. She has won A LOT of competitions, so don’t take your eye off her. She is proving to be a competition beast and mentally she has figured out how this game is to be played.  She’s also managed to keep in good standing with most of her fellow houseguests who would/could become jury members.

Worst position is a tie between Dani and Nicole. Dani has not built much loyalty with anyone in the game. She has played too many sides. But that could keep her in the game as a shield to others. Nicole just lost her supposed final 2 alliance member, she hasn’t won any competitions as of yet, AND... she’s already won this game before.

As we saw in his last season, Ian is a super competitive person who, by his own admission, does not take losing well. Were you surprised at how well he appeared to take his exit here?

No. He’s such a true lover of the game and he respects it so much that I knew he’d be a good sport. He seems like a good guy with a good life and a really good sense of this game. He knows our motto is expect the unexpected, and I suspect that’s what he loves most about Big Brother.  

Looking ahead, what can you tell us about this Big Brother luminary moving in next door, and can I move in on the other side?

I can tell you nothing! Well, okay, twist my arm... this person is a legend. There is no way anyone who is even a new fan of Big Brother doesn’t know who this person is. Fans have strong feelings about this legend. I’d be happy to see you move in on the other side, Dalton... so long as if we ever do a celebrity version, you agree to be a houseguest!

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