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Each week, host Julie Chen Moonves will answer a few questions about the latest episode of Big Brother: All-Stars. Here, she weighs in on Keesha and Kevin’s troubles, Cody’s deal-making, whether there will be a Battle Back competition, and her social message sign-off from the episode.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Both Keesha and Kevin seemed really slow out of the gate and struggled in the first week to make connections. I found that interesting because Survivor also just had an all-stars season, where they brought back former winners, and some of the players from earlier seasons really struggled to adapt to the faster pace of the new-school game. Do you think that’s what happened here with Keesha and Kevin, who were both returning after over a decade away?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: I didn’t see Survivor, so I don’t have a sense of why old-school players didn’t do as well now. That being said, I think for Keesha, her life went on after the Big Brother house and she didn’t watch the show religiously once she left. That made it hard for her to get a sense of who she was up against with the more recent players. She couldn’t play up to their egos and compliment them on their great game moves during their season. She even laughed at herself when she realized she had no idea Tyler’s name is not Taylor... nor Trevor. Her all-around likability and kindness won her “America’s Favorite Houseguest” back in 2008. Ironically, it was that same laid-back kindness that got her voted out.

If she were a hardcore, win-at-all-costs, deal-making, fast-talking kind of competitor, more people would have tried to make an alliance with her. As for Kevin, he doesn’t seem to think he belongs “up there” with these other, as he calls them, “iconic” players. He stayed an avid fan of the show after leaving 11 years ago and oddly enough, that ended up hurting him. He is so in awe and almost starstruck by the other houseguests that he fails to see he is an all-star too!

He came in third for crying out loud! That’s nothing to sneeze at. Sadly, he seems intimidated by the others and that’s blocking him from playing the game and engaging on the same level with the others. So there you have it: One watched the show too little after leaving the house; the other watched it too much, and in both cases that harmed them in this All-Stars season. Expect the unexpected?

Cody made about a billion alliances. That should keep him safe for a while, but do you think that’s a good long-term strategy, or could that come back to haunt him later on?

I think it’s okay for now. We always see a million alliances form the first week and they shift, change, dissolve, resurrect, disband... You name it, we’ve seen it. He’s fine right now. But he’s going to have to make a real choice soon, before people really start to think he’s is going to be a thousand percent loyal.

Julie, that sounded like a pretty definitive goodbye you gave to Keesha after she was voted out. Does that mean there is no Battle Back competition this season?

Dalton, you know our favorite saying... expect the unexpected. I can’t say nuthin’! Ha! Anything is possible... stay tuned! She was wearing a mask as you saw when she exited, so as long as she stays virus-free, anything is possible. By the grace of God... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Finally, you signed off of the show by saying, “And remember the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” What inspired that? Is that a clue to something in the game, or an outside-of-the-game message?

It’s totally an outside-of-the-game message. I feel fortunate that the network and the producers have been so supportive in letting me put my own personal messaging at the end of our live shows.

While we are fortunate to have been able to find a way to offer Big Brother fans a much-needed break from all that is happening in our beloved country, we have taken many measures to keep everyone as safe as possible during these challenging times, including regular COVID-19 testing and requiring all personnel to wear masks. (Of course, I have to remove mine when talking on TV, but we mitigate that risk with social distancing.)

Although it seems at times that wearing a mask has turned in to a political statement for some people, we believe it’s the best way to protect ourselves. Last night, I mentioned the Golden Rule because I believe that of EVERYONE followed that principle we’d ALL be better off as a society, as a nation, as a world. I chose to close with those words because Black Lives Matter and now is the time to speak up. If the number of Black lives that have been taken happened to people of your heritage, you would be saying (fill-in-the-blank) Lives Matter! It’s my faith in God that is getting me through these uncertain times. We CAN be better. Why not try? It can’t hurt. It can only help. Most of all, it’ll help the person who rises to the occasion.

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