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Each week, host Julie Chen Moonves will answer a few questions about the latest events inside the Big Brother: All-Stars house. Here, she weighs in on whether Cody made the right call in voting out Christmas, where Nicole ranks all-time as a player, if Nicole should get credit should she make it to the end as a winner, and some messages from loved ones back home.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Cody had to choose between Christmas and Nicole. Do you think he made the right call in cutting Christmas loose?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: Hard to say for sure but... probably yes he made the right decision. Even Christmas hesitated to me on whether she would have truly, truly kept her word and taken Cody to final two. He has zero reason to think Nicole and Enzo wouldn’t take him. He has many reasons to think Christmas wouldn’t take him.

Nicole mentioned in the episode that she holds the record for the most number of days played inside the Big Brother house. Where do you think she ranks all-time as a Big Brother player?

I think Nicole is one of the most underrated players. She came in as an innocent, non-threatening kid in season 16. She didn’t come close to winning then, but she was very cute and likable... kind of a kid sister type. Then she sailed to final two in season 18 and that non-threatening innocence helped her take home the win. This season, she is all grown up. She’s a lot wiser and much more of a gamer and thinker. People in the house aren’t seeing that. but I think we, the viewers, are. We see the wheels turning.

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The jury members debated whether Nicole should get extra credit if she makes it to the final two for getting all the way there as a previous winner. What do you think? If you were a juror, is that something you would take into consideration?

Yes, I would consider it. But when you study it more carefully, it becomes more like shame on everyone else for letting her slip on through. She did, however, win two big important competitions that were NOT easy. And she won them at pivotal moments of the game when the pressure was on! Now that was impressive and would count more in my book as a juror.

Finally, tell me about the decision to show the final 3 video messages from the loved ones and what was it like watching Cody, Enzo, and Nicole watch their videos?

The feeling was hey, last week we showed the jurors their loved ones and it’s only fair we show the remaining houseguests theirs  They’ve been working hard to stay in this game, they deserve a shot in the arm from home! Plus, it’s always a nice heartwarming moment in the show. I felt a little awkward watching their big moment on live TV. There was a lot of anxiety, I think, on everyone’s part. They probably had no idea what to expect and a little of… Okay, don’t make me feel embarrassed, don’t make me cry, what are you going to say next, so on and so forth. But, ultimately, I’m glad we did it. It’s nice to remind viewers these houseguests have lives OUTSIDE the Big Brother house!

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