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David Alexander certainly made som, um, curious decisions during his Big Brother: All-Stars run. But seeing as how the guy basically only got to play a single day in his previous Big Brother experience, perhaps it was only natural to have some strategic growing pains. David’s last head-scratching move was to take the $10,000 prize rather than play for the veto while he was on the block.

He ultimately survived that vote, but was evicted about 30 minutes later as David became the second victim on triple eviction night. Does David think his money grab played any role in his departure? And does he feel he was at a disadvantage this season due to his lack of game experience? We asked David about that on his way to the jury house, and also got to the bottom of why he ran out of the house hugless, and how he feels about Da’Vonne not believing him about the Ian vote. Read on for answers!

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You practically ran out of that house after the vote was announced? Why rush out of there and forgo the usual hugs and backslaps?

DAVID ALEXANDER: After getting nominated four times and having the hugs, nomination, and veto ceremonies, I was just over the hugs. I just was tired of getting hugs from people who want to get you out.

You went for the $10,000 over the veto. Do you regret that decision and do you think it played any role in you being voted out one vote later?

It might've played a little bit. I don't regret grabbing the 10,000. Ultimately, I wasn't part of a bigger, more powerful alliance in the house and I couldn't win competitions. So this was an opportunity to win something [was] the way I saw it.

Do you feel you were at a disadvantage in this game because you barely got a chance to play last year, so didn’t have as much experience as the others?

Definitely. As there are less people and as you see more strategy being played to get people out, I felt like I was just out of the know of what was going on, which made it way more difficult. So I was relying on trying to win comps to extend my life or give me power or knowledge, which I never was able to get.

You told Da’Vonne repeatedly that you did not vote to evict Ian, but she would not believe you. How frustrating was the entire experience?

Very frustrating. I saw what the other side or other players were doing to divide me and Da’Vonne and using that as a ploy to break up an alliance between me, Kevin, and Da’Vonne, and it worked. I mean, that was probably my most frustrating moment in the house — trying to be honest in a moment when you were trying to align with your team and the team not believing you was so frustrating. [Shakes head] It's still frustrating.

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