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The Committee finally voted out one of their own. Unfortunately for Daniele Briones, she was that one. Dani was the third and final victim on Big Brother: All-Starsfirst ever triple eviction night. After her longtime frenemy Tyler won both Head of Household and the veto, Dani’s fate was sealed, and she was unanimously voted out by her housemates.

And she didn’t seem particularly happy about it. Why did Dani refuse to hug Christmas and Tyler on her way out? How does she feel about even Cody voting against her? Why didn’t Dani try harder to get Tyler out earlier? And whom is she most and least looking forward to seeing on the jury? We asked Dani all that on her way to said jury house, and here’s what she had to say.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why did you refuse to hug Christmas and Tyler on the way out?

DANIELE BRIONES: Okay, I refused to hug Christmas and Tyler, because I was really bitter — a poor sport. I was a poor sport yesterday. I didn't see it coming. I was overwhelmed. It was a whirlwind. I don't hate them. That's all it comes down to. If I could, I'd go back and hug them, but I was shell-shocked by the whole thing. I truly thought I was staying, and Christmas was annoying me at the time. So that's all. They outplayed me. That's what it was. Yeah.

Tyler came after you earlier in the game and then eventually was the one to send you out of the house. Did you make a mistake by not working harder to turn folks against him and get him out?

Yes. I think that I should have worked harder to get Tyler out of the house. I do. However, it wasn't to save Tyler. It was to save my spot in the Committee. The Committee was running the house — competition-wise, not strategically. And I knew that they would keep winning competitions, and I didn't want them to come after me too soon. I knew to get farther in the game, I had to go along with it.

However, I will say, the way that I was playing the game was to push until you knew you had to back off. I got out on season 13 ‘cause I pushed you hard and I knew I couldn't push too hard this season. So you push a little, and you know when to back off. And I knew when it was time to back off because I didn't want it to turn on me and for everyone to come against me. Do I wish I pushed a little harder? Yeah, I do.

Let’s talk about Cody voting you out. What do you think is behind that and how do you feel about that now?

How do I even answer this? I feel so hurt by Cody. I thought were really, really close. I considered Cody like my little brother. I would've never voted against him. I would have never nominated him. And, honestly, I probably would've taken him to the final two. And when I say probably, I would've taken him to the final two. Why did he do it? I think he probably has a final two with Nicole, probably Enzo. And I also think that he was scared that he couldn't beat me in the end. He was afraid I would be the Derrick and he'd always be the Cody.

Finally, whom are you most and least looking forward to seeing in the jury house?

To be honest, I'm not looking forward to seeing anybody in the jury. People I want to see here because I want them not to win, I don't particularly want to hang out with them. And people who I want to see and want to hang out with, I want them to stay in the game. So I'm perfectly content with hanging out with Da’Vonne.

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