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There were a lot of tears during Christmas Abbott’s final week in the Big Brother: All-Stars house leading up to her eviction on Thursday night’s live eviction episode. What was making Christmas so emotional in those final days in the house? We asked the fourth-place finisher that and more on her way to the jury house, where she will help determine who the winner of season 22 ultimately is.

Here’s what Christmas had to say about her time in the house, her confrontations with Da’Vonne and Dani, the thing she would love to go back and change, and how this experience measures up to her time on Big Brother 19.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You were doing a lot of crying over the past week, starting after Enzo nominated you at the final four. What made you so emotional?

CHRISTMAS ABBOTT: The last week, especially after Enzo nominated me, I got really, really emotional, and it's just kind of like this whole season coming to a head. It felt, for me, like I was one against three players, and guess what? It's true! I was really missing my son. I could see the end of the tunnel, my best friend just got evicted. I was told by Enzo for the whole season that he wasn't going to put me up and him putting me up just felt like a pretty big betrayal. And so I felt really beat up in that moment and I just needed to go have a really big cry and let it out so I could reset and focus on what I needed to do the next day.

How did you feel when you were in the bathroom and heard Enzo talking with Nicole and Cody in the kitchen about being in the final three?

Oh, man. So I heard Enzo and Nicole and Cody talking in the kitchen about how this is the best final three ever, and I felt really hurt. I felt betrayed. I felt excluded and overlooked. I was still in the house — I have not been evicted yet! Even though I knew that it was coming, I just felt like it was a bad slip-up from Enzo and it was hurtful. It hurt my feelings.

You and Da’Vonne had that big blowup in the house and the argument started over whether there is a difference been gameplay and personal. What do you think now: Can those two things be separated or not?

I think that there is a separation between personal connection and gameplay. I don't particularly know what personal game is. I definitely have personal connections in the house and I still evicted those houseguests. So, for me, it's confusing, but I'm definitely willing to have a conversation with them afterwards to try and figure that out. But what I was doing was protecting my alliance in that move, and I didn't seek out information from Bayleigh. I also didn't use any information from her personal conversations with me in the game. So that's where my confusion was —  I didn't use any personal information from what she gave me to make a game play.

What do you make of when Dani went after you in her final speech and then refused to hug you on the way out?

I mean, I get it, she just got evicted and I'm in the house. She wanted me out. I understand. I don't have any hard feelings toward her personally. And I understand in that moment, like, you have real feelings in that moment. And that was her choice. It's hers. And I respect it and we'll see how this shakes out personally after the game, but I'm not holding anything against her. I don't have any negativity coming out of that house that I want to carry over into my real life.

If you could go back and change one thing that might lead to a different result for you in the game, what would it be?

I would have not dropped that one pumpkin out of my shovel. Dropping that one pumpkin was such a game changer for me entirely. The last few weeks right now would have played out very differently. And you know, that was a hard loss.

You made it into the final four both times you played. How did your experience this season compare to the last one for you?

Making it into the final four this season and in my season 19 was a completely different experience. Hands down. The last time I played this game, I couldn't do any of the physical competitions. I was very limited. I had to rely heavily on my alliance and my social game. This season, I was able to compete. I was able to really offer some alliance power and take a strong stand as a competitor in the game. So it was a completely different experience, and I had the time of my life.

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