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Whitney Williams knew she was getting voted out well before Thursday's live eviction episode of CBS' Big Brother. After all, Derek X told her! While that may have been a low point for the 30-year-old make-up artist from Oregon, she was all smiles by the time she hugged her fellow Houseguests goodbye and excited to an air hug from Julie Chen Moonves.

How does Whitney feel now about Derek X's gaffe? Is she upset she did not get a single vote to stay? And what would she change if she could do it all over again? We asked Whitney all that and more when we caught up with the former captain of the Aces the morning after her unceremonious ouster. (Also read our weekly Q&A with host Julie Chen Moonves.)

Big Brother
Whitney Williams on 'Big Brother'
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The vote was unanimous, 10-0. You made a face when Julie announced that. Did that sting that not even one person voted to keep you?

WHITNEY WILLIAMS: I don't know if you guys heard it, but the second that I was announced, I was like, "Not even a sympathy vote? I don't even get one sympathy vote?" I really thought that I was going to get at least two votes. So it didn't really sting. I was just kind of in a little bit of a state of shock.

So what are the one or two votes that surprised you, that you thought that you had and then didn't get?

I thought Derek F and Britini would probably give me a vote, but those are the only ones I was banking on. I knew everybody wanted to go with the house. Everybody's too scared to go against what the HOH wanted. So I knew it'd be a long shot, but that's okay.

That's been the case all season. Why are all the votes this season unanimous or close to unanimous? I counted it up last night. I'm not very good at math, but the votes this season have been 43 against the people voted out to just three against people that stayed. So it seems like all season the house has just been going with the majority.

It's wild to me. Honestly, that's one of my pet peeves when it comes to players. I really don't like when people follow the crowd and what people are normally doing. I prefer to go against the grain, and it really honestly bothered me that everybody was just too scared to go against what the HOH wanted. Because they assumed that if they went against what he wanted, then they would become a target next week. But how would they know who exactly threw out those votes? I don't really understand where that fear comes from.

There are a lot of different alliances in the house. Julie told you about the Royal Flush one. You've only been out of the house 13 hours. I don't know if you've even heard about the Cookout alliance.

What's the Cookout alliance? Who's in that?

There are six of them. It's Big D, Kyland, Xavier, Tiffany, Azah, and Hannah.

Oh, that makes sense. Okay. So big D was in that alliance as well, so he couldn't have gone against what they wanted. Dang it.

I guess when you have those big alliances, that's what happens, right? You just get these votes that are just constantly a big block shifting and moving in one place.

Oh, I hate that. I was really hoping the fact that we were put into teams in the beginning would prevent that from happening, but I guess not.

You overheard Derek X say that he and Hannah would still be in the house next week. How did that make you feel when that happened?

Oh, I was pissed. I don't know if you guys saw my reaction later when he came into the kitchen and attempted to talk to me about it. And I just told him that it was bull crap and not to talk to me. And that was my sign where it was like, okay, you're not on my side. So obviously you're working against me and I'm going to work against you. So in that moment, he became my next target, even though again, that's another team member. I don't know. It was pretty upsetting. It was one of the people that I trusted.

So when you hear that and if he's one of the people you trusted, is your Spidey sense tingling like, oh, this may not be going my way?

Absolutely. The second that I heard that I was like, okay, he and Hannah are most likely working together. And it was in that moment that I really started figuring out more connections with people and how they play together. Because also after I talked to him and I told him, "Hey, I think Kyland should be the next target," he and Kyland immediately met up together in the Have-Not room and had this really long discussion. And it was after that that I was put up on the block. And after that went down, I was like, okay, so they're clearly working together and clearly there's another alliance there. It was in those moments where everything really started to form in my mind.

Big Brother
Whitney Williams on 'Big Brother'
| Credit: CBS

You tried to sell Christian that Derek X was a bigger target and he should put him up with the veto. Why do you think that argument didn't take?

I knew when he didn't take it that they had to have been working together. Derek is clearly his biggest competition in the game as of right now. And the fact that he wasn't putting him on the block meant that they're working together. Yeah, there's no other reason for him not to be on the block.

It was very telling just looking at the way you and Hannah were dressed last night. Because you had a really nice fancy dress on and she was clearly dressed for a physical competition. So you guys kind of knew the score at that point.

Yeah, I knew. And freaking Alyssa was asking to borrow some of Hannah's clothes for the live eviction. And I was like, okay, well, Alyssa has Christian's ear. They're clearly working together. And so are all of the Kings. There are all these other people that I have seen working together. And the fact that she is borrowing clothes from the other nominee means that it's very obvious to the house that I'm the one going. And there were other conversations. Hannah and Big D we're talking and Big D was saying like, "Oh, well, maybe Hannah, you should save this outfit for another week that we have cute outfits then." And just the way people talk. It was very obvious that I was the one going home.

Do you think your early association with Brent worked against you?

I think it worked against me a little bit because I was in the Slaughterhouse alliance, and I was very much committed to that alliance. And I think once that started to crumble, people saw that and formed new alliances. But in my head, I was like, okay, well, that clearly didn't work because it was created too soon. We didn't know people's personalities well enough. So I wanted to wait, see people's personalities a little bit more, and then realized other people worked a lot faster than that. So that scared me and I wanted to be cautious. My cautiousness is what kind of did me in.

Speaking of the Slaughterhouse, can you explain to me what Frenchie was doing in that house? Cause I haven't quite figured it out yet, even after taking to him.

I don't even think Frenchie knows what he was doing in the house. That was just complete and utter chaos. We could not go to sleep until about 4:00 a.m. every single day while he was in power, because if you did, something would change and the last person to talk to Frenchie would have some impact on what would happen the following day. Like, it wasn't his own mind. It was just everything people said to him. So you wanted to be the last person to talk to him or you could become a target out of nowhere. So, it was wild.

Well, it's really funny watching the show because there was montage at the very, very beginning and everyone was like, "Oh, I really like Frenchie. I want to work with Frenchie. He's great!" And then everything started to turn. When was the moment when it first dawned out you, "Oh, wait a minute — this guy might not be a great alliance"?

We called it the Frenchie Revolution in the house. One of the moments that I caught onto where I was like, oh, shoot, this guy is a little unstable with his thoughts and his actions right now was when we formed the Slaughterhouse alliance. And then we formed the Butchers, which was me, Xavier, and him, and then a few other different things.

And then, out of nowhere, I was out on the hammock with all the girls and he came up to this entire group of girls. There were, like, six of us there. And he was like, "Oh, hey, by the way, we're going to be in an alliance together." And all of us just looked at each other, like, "Are we not going to talk about this one-on-one? You're just throwing around alliances. We have questions. What's going on here?" And that was my main moment where it was like, that was a really sloppy decision. And that was only, I think, day three or four. It was pretty early on. There were a lot of moments.

Who's playing the best game in the house so far?

I think Sarah Beth and X are the two playing the best games right now. They're doing a really good job at staying under the radar while also winning some comps. And they do have great friendships with everybody in the house, but they're not the big personalities. So like they have great friendships, but they're not the one where it's like, okay, this is going to get old eventually. They're being cautious, but I think they're doing the best.

If you could get a do-over and go back and change one thing about your game, what would it be?

The more that I laid in bed last night thinking about it, if I chose Travis over Brent when I was team captain in the very beginning, I think this would be a completely different game right now. So that's my big decision that I wish I could just do the first domino.

How are you doing right now? You were just voted out unanimously. For some people, that's very difficult, so how are you doing?

I had a lot of mixed feelings before going into the house. I kept saying, if I don't make it to the final five, then I want to go out before jury because I'm a single mom of two boys. So I would hate to be away from my children if ultimately I wasn't going to receive anything out of it and I was kind of more of a support system. I'd rather not be the support system. I'd rather actually win some money or see my children. So I'm honestly doing okay. I made it to week four, so I was just a little bit before a jury.

Have they given you your phone back? Have you had a chance to talk or FaceTime with your kids?

I get it around noon today. I cannot even describe how excited I am. I can't wait to see my kids.

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