Each week, host Julie Chen Moonves will weigh in on the latest developments in the Big Brother house. Here, she shares her take on Whitney's eviction, all the unanimous and near-unanimous votes, the strength of the Cookout alliance, and how the end of the teams will impact the game.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why do you think Whitney was outside the house talking to you last night instead of playing in the first endurance competition? Where did her game go wrong?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: She had friends, but no allies or alliances. By the time she was nominated, it was too late to rally anyone to help save her. She never saw this coming because people do indeed like her, but that isn't enough to survive in the BB house.  

Another unanimous vote. So far, the combined total this season of votes against people that have been evicted versus votes against people that have stayed is 43-3. When do you think we'll start to see some people start swimming against the current?

That's hard to say because right now everyone left in the house is playing it safe, which also means smart… that's why they're still there. Why do anything that can risk putting a target on their back? At this point, the only way I see anyone going against the current is if two members of the Cookout are on the block. Then the strongest alliance in the house will have to pick sides.  

I can't keep track of all the alliances in the house, but the Cookout seems to be the dominant one. How would you assess their chances of making it to the final six, especially with their new plan to each pick a duo partner so they can always control the votes as long as they keep the pawns in their back pockets?

The way Tiffany spelled it out in last night's episode seemed pretty brilliant to me. Genius really. Airtight. But this is Big Brother and you know our motto… expect the unexpected.

Finally, how do you think the end of the team phase will impact the game?  

I think it may hurt Alyssa and Sarah Beth the most because when we had the team twist, they had built-in loyalty with each other, Christian, and Xavier. Now, Sarah Beth only has Kyland to watch her back, and Alyssa only has Christian.  

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