The host says it is Xavier's game to lose, but Azah and Big D still have a path to take home the $750,000.
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Each week host Julie Chen Moonves weighs in on the latest events in the Big Brother house. Here, she takes us on the set to chat about that big blowup between Kyland and Xavier, and sizes up the final three and their chances of winning the game.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We just saw one of the most tense live moments in Big Brother history after Kyland was evicted and accused Xavier of not being a good role model for his nephew Kobe. Tell us how you were handling it in terms of deciding when to step in and have Kyland leave the house before anything escalated from that point.

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: All I can remember is my live show producer telling me in my earpiece to ask Kyland to come out. That has happened before, and it's always because we are live and need to protect the time we have set aside to ask the evicted houseguest questions.  

How was Kyland while sitting with you during that commercial break after he left the house before your interview started? Was he still shell-shocked? Upset?

He was very smiley, sweet, kind, and charming. Beautiful smile.  

Kyland insinuated in his interview with you that others like Xavier and Big D were playing a cowardly game because they were not playing as honestly as he was. Do you agree?

I don't know if that's what Kyland was insinuating… but if he was, then I would have to disagree. I feel Xavier has been playing an excellent game. He has been following the rules, he's funny and honest in his diary room sessions, he's incredibly likable, and my guess is, if he makes it to the final two, he will present his case beautifully.  He is a lawyer. He was made to play this game.  

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Size up the final three of Xavier, Derek, and Azah. Tell me how you feel about each of their chances and what their strengths and weaknesses might be in terms of taking home the $750,000.

Azah's strength is she is very kind and well-liked by the majority, if not all in the jury house. Other than misleading Hannah on the double eviction show, Azah really hasn't lied to anyone… at least not to my knowledge. She was especially sympathetic when it came to Britini, so she has generated a lot of goodwill in the house. I personally also love that she used her platform to give the glory to God!   

Xavier… I feel this is his game to lose. What has he done wrong?  Nothing. What has he done right? Pretty much everything. End. Of. Story.   

Big D… Goodness, I really wish he didn't say unkind things after Kyland was evicted.  I only heard some of the comments he made, but who knows why people say and do what they do in the Big Brother house? Strategy? Or true colors? Only God knows. That being said, if he makes it to the final two and can smile and turn on that lovable charm (as we've seen him do before), then he has a chance.

What I've learned by watching every final two ever in this game is: If you can present your case honestly and with humility, then you stand a really good chance of winning. If you have impatience and/or arrogance during the final-two presentation, then it will usually backfire against you. Don't let your ego get in the way. As I heard Pat Riley once say, ego stands for "edging God out" — and in my humble opinion, when you edge God out, you lose.

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