"The problem is the jury itself was intimidated by me because of the fact that I was loud, entertaining, always in your face, sending these people home one by one," says the runner-up.
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In the end, Big D came up a little small in the eyes of the Big Brother jury. While Derek "Big D" Frazier rode a strong social game and a dominant alliance all the way to the final 2 on season 23 of Big Brother, he was no match for Xavier Prather, who scored a unanimous 9-0 victory on Thursday's two-hour live season finale. How does Big D feel about not even getting a single vote? Does he think he would have beaten Azah at the end? And how did he figure out Xavier was a lawyer? We asked the BB23 runner-up all that and more a few hours after he exited the house. (Also make sure to read our interview with Big Brother winner Xavier Prather and Q&A with third place finisher Azah Awasum.)

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, first of all, are you upset at all over not getting any votes from the jury?

DEREK FRAZIER: You know what? I came in this game by myself and I made it clear to each and every single one of them, I don't owe them nothing and they don't own me anything. And they voted exactly how I expected them to. Xavier definitely did earn it, I'm not taking that from him. I did my portion. I think the problem was you had jury members that I felt were jealous because they didn't want to give me credit for things that I did, because a lot of the things I did was behind the scenes. A lot of things executed, a lot of people going home and to the jury would have never happened if I didn't do the things that were supposed to be done.

But at the end of the day, I can't say nothing bad about Xavier, we came in this game day one, brother to brother saying we going to work together and get to the end and we made that happen. I did a lot for him, he did a lot for me. But you know what? I'm okay with it. I'm a-okay with taking second place because like I said the other day, I wanted to come on, make my statement, be myself, have fun and make it to the end. And I did that without winning a comp.

Xavier played a tremendous game, so there's no shame in losing to that guy. But if you were doing jury math in your head, were there any votes you thought you had that surprised you when you did not get them?

I thought I was going to get, obviously my Jokers. I wasn't expecting Azah's vote and I didn't want it. But I definitely thought I was going to get Britini, I thought I was going to get Kyland. I knew I was not going to get anybody else but those two. But here's my thing, the thing about it is that I felt as though, I came into this game saying I just wanted to make it the jury. When I made the jury, I was like, I just want to make the top five. When I made the top five, I was like, I want to make it to three. But now I want to make it to two. So when I made it to two, I was a-okay with the outcome because I looked at it as that, there's so much more in life and Xavier put in the work and he dealt with the same stress, the same emotion that I did.

If I won a couple more comps, I probably would've gave him a run for his money. But the fact that I didn't win no comps, and that jury was really big on competitions more than social, there was no way. So for me, I already knew walking in there what it was going to be. I just wanted my second place. And I wanted to be able to say, Hey, as me being a Black man, I made it to a runner-up of the first time in Big Brother history. And I'm a-okay with that.

You've mentioned Azah. You guys had a rollercoaster relationship. You said you didn't even want her vote. Why did you not want her vote?

The fact that Azah was willing towards the end to tell me that she's not going to vote for me after me saving her, after me protecting her, telling people, "Hey, I'll go up as a pawn instead of Azah?" There were so many things I was doing behind the scenes that maybe I should have listed them out because it sounds like me not listing it out, she missed it. And I felt like because she was sleeping half of the time that she wasn't able to catch on to everything. So, for me, like I said, I would say first to four weeks or five weeks, I felt like me and Xavier were putting in a lot of work. And Kyland was too, but Kyland wasn't a part of me and Xavier at that point.

So I just felt like, I was giving information to Azah. I would check in with her before we go to bed, before she's being emotional or things like that. And I was always there for her, and we developed a great friendship. But towards the end to me, I set myself up good. I took my friend who said she would take me to the final two and I took my final two. So at the end of the day, I should be in that chair no matter what. And one of my friends was willing to turn her back on me. She said for personal reasons, it felt like more of what she was questioning me about the week before. She's telling me that I'm worried about Kyland and how I'm picking a man over her.

And I was like, "Okay, well that's not the case". I know I will send anybody home. But then when it felt like once he left and it was just her and Xavier and because she has a little crush on him, it felt like, "Oh, okay, all right girl, you got a little crush and now you're falling into his mystical spell, and now you're going to come and tell me you're going to get rid of me after me protecting you girl? You're crazy!" So for me, I didn't like that and I don't deal with that. But I wish her the best of luck. I wasn't expecting her vote, and that's okay.

She did confirm that had she won that final HOH, she would have taken Xavier and not you with her.

Yes, absolutely. And to me, I don't deal with people like that. I rolled with that girl since the beginning, I've never put her game in jeopardy, I've always protected her. Even if I didn't make deals with her, I still protected her, and made sure I had her back and told her things, told her to make that final four with Kyland because Kyland was going to get rid of her. There's so much that opened the door to say, "Hey, girl, go do this. Hey, girl, go do this. Hey girl, I got you. I'm going to go talk to them, do this." So for me at the last second, when my back is against the wall, you're going to do that?

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Xavier Prather, Derek Frazier, and Azah Awasum were the final three for 'Big Brother' season 23.
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I love to play Big Brother What If, and come up with scenarios that didn't happen. And I'm sure you've worked this out in your brain. What if it was you and Azah are sitting at the end? How do you think you do against her?

I definitely think I would've did better than Azah because my speech would have been completely different. I would've made sure they knew every little detail from week by and what I did in order to get there. But the problem was for me was, I think the jury looked at me as the friendly one, Mr. Entertainment, but that's my game. That's what I did. So at the end of the day, you guys sat there and I sat at the end. So I did my part, you guys are the ones who are out of the game, but if it was me and Azah, I think I would have gave her a little bit more of a run for her money.

But the problem is the jury itself was intimidated by me because of the fact that I was loud, entertaining, always in your face, sending these people home one by one. And I told them, "You guys have to look at yourself. I told you guys to send me home. I was on the block three times, you guys could have sent me home and never did." So I think I would give her more of a run for her money.

So let me ask you: If you had won that final HOH, knowing, hey, probably not going to be able to beat Xavier but might have a shot against Azah, you'd still take Xavier?

I still would. I'm a man of my word. I come from the inner city of Philadelphia. I grew up in the hood. Your bond is your bond, especially with another Black man. I'm not breaking that bond. Me and Xavier made a really good bond and I was okay with that. So the way I look at it is, it was not my time. Maybe this time is not my time, maybe next time will be my time where I don't have to worry about making that type of bond.

But day one, me and Xavier were ride-or-die. And that's something you can't really break no matter what. And he stuck to his word, because he didn't have to take me, you got to think about that. He won plenty of comps, he did a lot of work. I could have been out at any second, and he was still protecting me and I'm still protecting him. So, for me, some things are bigger than money, and I realized that that brotherhood that I have with him is unspeakable. And I was like, I still would've took him no matter what.

I've got to know: How happy are you that you were right about Xavier being a lawyer?

Oh my God! I'm so happy because I knew it. I said it, I called it. So that's the thing, everybody thinks they were able to BS me, but I knew everything. I knew about Christian and Alyssa. I knew everything about everyone. There's other things I know that I called it and it exactly happened. And that's why Xavier kept getting mad at me. And I knew I was hitting it on the nail because he's never got this mad at me, and he got mad at me when I called him out.

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