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Summer of Secrets may have been the theme for season 6 of Big Brother back in 2005, but there are always things every season of the CBS reality franchise that players choose not to tell the other contestants about themselves. So we asked the cast of Big Brother season 23 before they entered the house what about themselves they don't want the other folks to know.

It turns out there is plenty! There are two houseguests who don't want the group to know their age, and three others who want to keep their athletic achievements on the DL (although that will be difficult for the one who has a giant tattoo that screams it out for him).

Of course, one person plans to hide that she is a superfan and another feels that she needs to hide her bluntness. (Considering she also reveals that she's the type of woman that loves to tell people when something looks bad on them, that sounds like smart plan.) But our favorite response of all has to be from the houseguest who told us, "I don't want anyone to know that I have any sort of intelligence whatsoever." We wouldn't worry,  because if there is an easier place in the world to blend in as someone with no intelligence than the Big Brother house, we have yet to find it.

Watch the video above to see all the secrets that the cast of Big Brother 23 don't want the other players to know, and also make sure to check out their bold predictions for what's going to go down in the house this summer.

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