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People get called a lot of names in the Big Brother house (with the absolute worst being the dreaded "Floater" label). And apparently they get called a lot of names outside the house as well — nicknames, that is!

EW has gotten our hands on an exclusive video montage from the Diary Room in which the season 23 Big Brother cast members reveal their nicknames growing up. Sure, you can probably figure out who goes by Claire Bear, who goes by Dereka, and who goes by X (because evidently if he's called by his actual name, it means he's "done something to get in trouble"), but what about the others? Which houseguest goes by — and I swear we are not making this up — Blueberry Eyes? Who is known outside the house as Mocha Latte? And how in the name of Otev did someone end up with the nickname of Tippy Toes?

All that and more are revealed in the video above, including the person whose nickname is just her last name. Lame! We're totally throwing penalty flags on that one. A last name is not a nickname! Anyway, make sure to watch the video above to check out all the nicknames, especially if your name is the Zingbot, because we're pretty sure there's some decent material to work off of here for later in the season. Again, Blueberry Eyes?!

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