By Heather Gardner
August 07, 2020 at 08:46 AM EDT
Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump

Politics dominated late-night this week, as President Donald Trump's recent interviews gave hosts plenty of material to work with. The biggest topic of conversation? His disastrous sit-down with Axios. 

The interview wasn’t meant to be comical – Trump and Axios' Jonathan Swan discussed the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic — but the president’s many stumbles made it easy for the hosts to poke fun.

Jimmy Fallon was the first to tackle the now infamous interview with a hilarious impression complete with orange tinted skin, the floppy hair, and Trump’s unmistakable voice. The Tonight Show crew did an outstanding job making it appear as if Fallon was in the room opposite Swan, haphazardly answering questions about the coronavirus.

"America is far lower than the world,” Fallon-as-Trump said. “That’s right, when other countries look at us they think, 'America: lower than the world.'"

Desus & Mero took a different approach to addressing the Trump interview; they treated it like a sports game! The Bodega Boys watched the clip and reacted in real time mocking nearly everything about the cringeworthy interview, including the president’s Covid charts.

“Yo, that’s not even PowerPoint. That’s Microsoft Paint. He made those in Instagram,” Desus Nice commented.

The Kid Mero responded, “He just used safety scissors, construction paper, and Elmer's glue. And some crayons.”

Seth Meyers on Late Night also tackled the charts in his “A Closer Look” segment saying, “You just knew this interview was going to be insane from the get go. Even before Trump sat down, when he walked into the room holding a stack of papers, you knew it was gonna be bats– crazy.”

Meyers, too, broke down the interview bit-by-bit, interlacing the commentary with scathing jokes at the president’s expense, but ended the segment with an angle the other shows skipped: the events after the interview.

“Trump was apparently so embarrassed by this rare venture outside the right-wing media bubble, that after the disastrous Axios interview aired, he immediately rushed back to the safe confines of Fox News…”

Meyers went on to play snippets of Trump’s “softball” interview with Fox News host Lou Dobbs, comparing his set of questions to “how you interview your new puppy.”

One viral interview with the president, three late night shows tackling the subject in completely different manners. And as the 2020 election creeps closer and closer, we’re looking forward to more political content from late night.

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