Frozen Reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Credit: ABC

Summer has officially come to an end, but Jimmy Kimmel isn’t quite ready to hang up the beach trunks just yet. Enter Kimmel’s guest hosts this week who downright stole the late-night show.

Chipper fill-in Josh Gad brought his signature charm to the patio where Jimmy Kimmel Live is currently filming and wrangled a few surprises for Disney fans! Yes, Frozen’s Olaf made a special appearance! The snowman was ready with a video to kids with their social distanced learning, although a few bleeped words quickly made this clip more for adults… SO relatable, right parents?

Late in the show, Gad called on a few more Frozen friends to surprise an unsuspecting healthcare worker, a NICU nurse from Hartford, Connecticut named Kellie Merner. Merner explained how her Disney dream wedding – complete with a princess dress and hidden Mickey’s – had been canceled due to the coronavirus. That’s this Disney fanatic got the shock of a lifetime!

Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Jonathon Groff all joined Gad on the video chat each to share the wedding tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” While Bell’s “something borrowed” gift of a Golden Girls puzzle that she specified she absolutely wanted to be returned was pretty great, Menzel took the cake with her one-of-a-kind gift.

The singer/actor gave Merner the Elsa costume she wore on stage while singing “Let It Go” with Taylor Swift during her 2015 1989 world tour. The sparkly blue dress was gifted with very specific instructions to be worn on Merner’s wedding night, and something tells me that promise will be kept!

Another Kimmel guest host brought out a special cameo friend; Brad Paisley invited his good pal Carrie Underwood for a socially distant duet that was reminiscent of their CMA hosting days! Paisley busted out his guitar for a parody compilation of his greatest hits, 2020 style – his updated “Alcohol” lyrics hit a little too close to home…

Underwood joined the country singer for a new version of their hit single “Remind Me,” with relevant 2020 themes. Carrie belted, “before social distancing we only wore masks on Halloween.” But it was the singer’s quiet “bring back Jimmy” plea that really got me! Paisley wasn’t quite as impressed.

Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel’s making his big return not only to television but to the El Capitan theater on September 21, after he hosts the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards the night before! Kimmel’s going to be tired, but hey, at least Carrie Underwood will be happy!

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