The new Fresh Prince has officially landed in Bel-Air.

Based on filmmaker Morgan Cooper's 2019 viral video imagining what the iconic '90s sitcom would be like set in the present, the upcoming Peacock drama introduces a new Will Smith (Jabari Banks), Banks family, and insight into the famous "one little fight" that got Will sent from West Philadelphia to live with his wealthy relatives on the other side of the country.

"You can have this Black family that has struggles, but you never doubt that they love each other — and that there can be conflict that's organic without being too sensational or dark," co-showrunner Rasheed Newson recently told EW. "We're speaking to the moment now, much like the original series did. Young audiences will see in Will and Carlton and Hilary reflections of some of their own clashes with their parents. Each generation has to rewrite the rules."

Taking over the role of Will Smith from, well, Will Smith, is newcomer Jabari Banks, who comes in with minimal professional acting experience, having booked the role fresh out of theater school. That initially prompted conversations about whether such a high-profile property should be put on the shoulders of a newcomer — but Banks couldn't be denied.

"His charisma and his spark just radiated off of him," co-showrunner T.J. Brady declared to EW. "Upon viewing the first cut of the pilot, every single person has said, 'You guys found a star.'"

Bel-Air premieres Feb. 13.

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