Happy three-year anniversary to "BBC Dad."

By Nick Romano
March 26, 2020 at 09:09 AM EDT
BBC News

In 2017, a political science professor transformed before our eyes into "BBC Dad" and broke us out of our stagnant, doldrum lives when his spirited children marched into his office during a live television interview via Skype. Now, in 2020, shortly after the official three-year anniversary of that moment, he and his wonderful family are back to brighten our days during this stressful times.

Robert E. Kelly, his wife Kim Jung-A, daughter Marion, and son James returned to BBC News for another live interview all these years later, and his kids decided to take the spotlight into their own hands.

Marion tussled her dad's hair while Jung-A answered a question about parenting at home during the coronavirus quarantine. "It's very difficult to stay in the house for a long time," she said. Then, when her dad was asked a question about the state of the country, Marion turned getting up from her seat into a game with dad, who tried to keep her back away from the camera.

It wasn't exactly more contained than their star-making viral moment on the BBC three years ago when Marion, followed behind by her baby brother hopping up and down in a mobile baby bouncer, charged into her dad's office. It's just a different energy.

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