While showrunner Caroline Dries doesn't want to rush HamilFox, she hopes to explore their relationship more in season 3.

We didn't see much movement on the HamilFox front in Batwoman's recently wrapped second season, but showrunner Caroline Dries hasn't forgotten about the fan favorite 'ship between Nicole Kang's Mary Hamilton and Camrus Johnson's Luke Fox. In fact, Dries recently told EW that she hopes to gradually "eke it out a little better" in season 3.

Many viewers became invested in the romance between the underground doctor and tech genius in the CW superhero drama's first season. Going into the season 2, Dries planned on exploring this potential pairing with the introduction of a love triangle because one of them would get a love interest.

"As Luke and Mary find their footing as sidekicks, a romance will shake up their dynamic," read the official season 2 synopsis that was released when the network unveiled its schedule for the 2021 television season.

In a May 2020 interview with EW about the season 1 finale, Dries elaborated: "One of my favorite dynamics on the show is obviously Luke and Mary, and what's so successful about that relationship is that there are no sexual undertones in anything they do and yet the fans are like, 'We want them together!' So this season, there will be romance, but it's not just going to happen right away, and there's going to be a love triangle. Let's put it that way."

Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton and Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox in 'Batwoman'
| Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW

Unfortunately, that plan was presumably placed on the back burner once the show introduced a brand-new main character, Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder, following original star Ruby Rose's abrupt exit after season 1.

"I can't really tease anything about it yet, but I'm not sure how much of it will get to play out," Dries, referring to the planned love triangle storyline, told EW ahead of season 2's January premiere. "It's one of those things we don't want to mess up. So if it unfolds naturally, great. But if we don't have time for it, we're not going to cram it in."

If you watched the entire second season, you know that storyline didn't wind up making the cut. But Dries knows it's only a matter of time before it happens and wants to start moving in that direction in season 3.

"I feel bad continuing to make this promise, but in my mind these two are sort of destined to be together, so that's why I'm not really rushing it — because it feels so obvious to me," she recently told EW when asked about Luke and Mary's future in an interview about Sunday's season 2 finale. "They just have so much drama in their lives. They're always putting out fires, so there's not a whole ton of time for their love story to evolve. But this season we're going to try to eke it out a little better."

Camrus Johnson and Mary Hamilton in 'Batwoman'
| Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

While it's unclear if season 3 will feature a love triangle, it's worth pointing out that the series has already planted seeds for one. The 13th episode of season 2, "I"ll Give You a Clue," introduced the DC Comics character Stephanie Brown (Morgan Kohan), who is the daughter of Batman villain Cluemaster and eventually becomes the Gotham vigilante Spoiler.

Although Stephanie is usually romantically linked to Tim Drake/Robin in the comics canon, she hit it off with fellow genius Luke as they teamed up to solve her father's latest puzzle, and the duo even shared a kiss at the end of the hour. In May, Dries teased that it might not be the last time we see Cluemaster or Stephanie.

"We'd love to bring them back in season 3, as they are rich, interesting characters, and from the looks of things, Luke and Stephanie have some unresolved business," Dries said.

In other words, there's still hope for HamilFox.

Batwoman returns for season 3 on Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

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