Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries teases Alice will "fumble through these romantic feelings" in this "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind relationship."

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Sunday's Batwoman, titled "Gore on Canvas."

Batwoman just threw Alice (Rachel Skarsten) into a mysterious love story.

Last week's episode left audiences wondering what exactly happened between Alice and Ocean (Nathan Owens), the man Safiyah (Shivaani Ghai) tasked her with killing in exchange for Kate's return and whose photo sparked a confusing memory flash. Well, now they have answers, because Sunday's "Gore on Canvas" revealed that Ocean is Safiyah's brother and was on Coryana at the same time as Alice year ago; however, neither of them remembers the other. As if that wasn't weird enough, Alice also learned they were more than just acquaintances because she had a second memory flash of them making out, which adds a new detail to her twisty backstory and raises some questions.

For her part, Skarsten was both surprised and thrilled that Alice was getting a love interest for season 2.

"When we started the show last season, no, I never imagined Alice would have a love story," Skarsten tells EW. "I imagined that she might have love interests, and I use the word 'interests' very specifically, because she would use them in her own interest, but I didn't think she would ever love anyone in any real sort of way beyond her sister."

She continues: "I was happy to see Alice have a romantic connection. And I think for me, specifically, it was because in the first season, she had a love affair with her sister. And obviously, it's a platonic love affair, but it was a love affair, nonetheless, in all the good, in all the bad. And it really grounded Alice for me because she cared about someone. So obviously losing the Kate Kane character for now, I was worried that Alice would just sort of be flapping out in the wind and would have no grounding element, and especially having lost Mouse, or murdered him rather. So to introduce Ocean as someone that she loved and was connected to and grounded by was really exciting for me — which I think is really, really important when you're playing a larger-than-life character. You have to something that grounds them in humanity, that makes them relatable, that makes them redeemable."

Looking ahead, Alice and Ocean set off to figure out what exactly happened between on Coryana and, more importantly, why they have no memory of it.

"What Alice and Ocean will experience now moving forward is this sort of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind relationship where the audience is privy to things that happened to them in the past, and they're sort of reliving them in present day," says showrunner Caroline Dries, "but Alice being Alice, [she] is so scared of having any type of feelings that we'll get to watch her sort of fumble through these romantic feelings that are starting to bubble up."

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