Warning: This article contains spoilers about Sunday's season 2 premiere of Batwoman on the CW.

Agent Sophie Moore made a big discovery in Batwoman's season 2 premiere that will threaten her nascent relationship with Julia Pennyworth.

Introducing new Batwoman Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), the CW superhero's drama second season began with Kate Kane (former star Ruby Rose) appearing to die in a plane crash while on her way back to Gotham City (Ryan was the first one on the scene of the accident and found the Batsuit in the wreckage, setting her on a path to eventually become Gotham's new hero). Obviously, this tragic accident surprised all of the show's characters because they weren't lucky enough to have showrunner Caroline Dries tell them that Kate isn't actually dead.

In the aftermath of the crash, Julia Pennyworth (Christina Wolfe) — who just started dating Kate's ex-girlfriend Sophie (Meagan Tandy) — found a letter Kate left for Sophie in case she ever died. Although she was worried the letter's contents would affect their relationship, Julia honored Kate's wish and gave it to Sophie. In the note, Kate professed her love to Sophie and revealed she was Batwoman.

"I was actually really excited when I discovered that Sophie was going to finally know that Kate is Batwoman," Tandy tells EW in the latest installment of our On Set with Batwoman video series, which you can watch above. " I feel like it's sad because Sophie, you know, she's making out with Batwoman, but she didn't realize the lips. I'm like, 'Come on, girl!' So when I saw the script, that it was finally going to happen and Sophie was going to know, I was like, 'Way to go!'"

Credit: The CW

While Tandy is excited about this revelation, the same can't be said for Sophie; this makes her question everything — especially her relationship with Julia.

"I think Sophie finding out that Kate is Batwoman just right in the midst of this very, very new relationship with Julia [is] going to definitely bring about some complications because now there's going to be that concern like, 'Well, wait, did you know this whole time?'" says Tandy. "The fact that [Julia] has been living a lie as well and making her think that she didn't know this whole time, it's definitely going to cause some issues for sure."

In fact, fans should definitely be concerned about PennyMoore's future after the premiere. "It's going to get a little rocky," Tandy cautions.

For more on the Batwoman season 2 premiere, check out our postmortem with Dries and the rest of the cast — and watch the latest spoiler-filled installment of EW's On Set with Batwoman video series above.

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