Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries and Meagan Tandy explain how Sophie's big discovery creates 'a new dynamic' for the rest of season 2.

Warning: This article contains spoilers Sunday's Batwoman, titled "Arrive Alive."

The Bat is out of the bag once again.

In Sunday's The Fast and the Furious-inspired Batwoman, titled "Arrive Alive," Agent Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy) learned that Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) is Gotham City's new Batwoman. This shocking discovery arrived after the duo, who are often at odds, teamed up on an undercover operation to infiltrate a trio of speed-racing thieves working for Black Mask. During the mission, Ryan used a piece of Bat-tech to help her drive while undercover and, unfortunately, forgot to remove it from the car when she was done. Sophie found it and overheard a recording that confirmed her secret identity.

"When I found out that Sophie was going to finally find out who was Batwoman, I was very, very excited," Tandy tells EW. "I was like, 'Yes, finally, the girl's going to know, but she's going to know while Batwoman is still alive!' So that was really exciting."

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Even though Tandy was looking forward to her character being let in on the secret, she was surprised by how it happened. "There was a part of me that was thinking maybe it was going to turn into something where Sophie had already known, and so she was kind of just like downplaying it all these episodes. And she's like, 'Hey Ryan, I knew this whole time.' But the fact that they actually played it very, very earnestly and very genuinely that, hey, no she's just been teaming up with Batwoman, not having a clue, and then she kind of mistakenly finds out from listening to that transponder, I thought it was pretty cool," she says.

As Tandy alluded to, Sophie learned who was under Batwoman 2.0's cowl way sooner than she did with the original hero. It took her an entire season to find out her ex Kate Kane was Gotham's Crimson Knight. According to Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries, the sped-up timeline was just a natural result of Ryan and Sophie's evolving relationship.

"It felt like it was time for Sophie to be let in on the Bat secret because Sophie and Ryan were having a lot of conflict, and it was time for a new dynamic in that relationship," says Dries. "It felt like we had pushed Ryan as far as she can go towards Sophie [in regard to] not accepting her as a Crow, and we just wanted to shake it up." Dries continues: "Now they can have a new dynamic moving forward. And we get to play the fun of Sophie trying to get Ryan to admit it and Ryan being like, 'Why is she asking me these questions?' It's all that kind of drama."

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Unfortunately, there's another Crow who's very close to learning who the new Batwoman is: Aggressive Agent Russell Tavaroff (Jesse Hutch) finds a sample of Batwoman's blood at a crime scene, which can't mean anything good because Ryan's DNA is in the system since she served time.

"Oh, it's incredibly dangerous that Russell Tavaroff, one of the Crows agents, has her DNA because the first thing he's going to do in episode 12 is give it to the forensics team and say, 'Please tell me whose DNA this is,'" says Dries. "And so in a way, thank God Sophie figured out that Ryan Wilder's Batwoman because little does Ryan know that she's got somebody on the inside who can be helping her out."

Tandy adds: "But Sophie is actually working behind the scenes to make sure that that information is not revealed. So she doesn't go into this mode of like, 'Hey Ryan, why didn't you tell me?' Instead, it's actually, she's maintaining the partnership and secretly working behind the scenes to protect her."

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