The Bat Team will have to add another super-suit case to the Batcave because the moment many DC Comics fans have been waiting for since Batwoman premiered in 2019 has finally arrived.

Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) will suit up as the armored hero Batwing in the CW superhero drama's second season — and you can see the official first look at his costume, which was conceptualized by costume designer Maya Mani, below. As DC readers know, Batwing is Luke's super-heroic alias in the comics, and it's heartening to see Batwoman go there with the character, if only because viewers have been asking Johnson, "When will you become Batwing?" since he joined the show.

'Batwoman' star Camrus Johnson reveals that he pitched giving Batwing an 'Iron Man-esque' helmet that opened up so fans could see his face and know he was the one in fight scenes
| Credit: Justina Mintz/The CW

"Honestly, it's hard to explain how much it means to me to wear the Batwing suit and officially play my first superhero," said Johnson in a statement. "The main reason I wanted to be in Batwoman was for this opportunity — to give kids like me another black hero to look up to and relate to. It's hard not to smile when I catch myself in the mirror with the bat symbol on my chest, and I'll keep smiling through every fight scene, every awesome stunt, and every Gotham night where Batwing is finally in the field!"

In season 3, Batwing will become Batwoman's crime-fighting partner as they work together to clean up the mess created in the season 2 finale. "But before Luke Fox can fully embrace the awesome and powerful nature of his super-suit, he must first overcome his own personal demons," reads the official character description.

"I've been looking forward to seeing Batwing since we decided to make Luke Fox a fundamental part of our Bat Team way back in the pilot development stages," said Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries. "I can speak for Cam when I say, So has he! But this character couldn't come out of nowhere. We built this character from a deeply personal and complicated Luke story that we began setting up in season 1, and I look forward to unfolding it over the course of season 3."

Camrus Johnson as Batwing on 'Batwoman'
| Credit: Justina Mintz/The CW

Batwoman has been putting the pieces in place for Luke's transformation for some time, as EW outlined in April when we speculated if the show was heading in this direction. In season 1, we learned that the tech genius boxes in his free time. Then in the show's current season, Luke, who's normally stuck behind a computer in the Batcave, went into the field and saved new Batwoman Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie). When EW asked Johnson if this meant we were heading toward Batwing's introduction, he was cautiously optimistic.

"I think Luke being able to finally leave the Batcave and enter the field gives us a bunch of hints of what he can do," said Johnson at the time. "I'm not sure that him saving the day with that lightning gun will say, 'Hey, Batwing is coming.' I'm not sure if that's what that means. What it does mean is he can save the day, he is capable of more than the Batcave."

On top of Luke seeing more action this season, Batwoman also recently introduced Russell Tavaroff (Jesse Hutch), who's known as the Batwing villain Menace in DC Comics lore, and wasted no time establishing a conflict between them. A corrupt and aggressive Crows agent, Tavaroff unjustly shot and almost killed Luke at the end of episode 14. Thankfully, Luke survived (even though he didn't want to), and Johnson told EW on Sunday that Luke and Tavaroff definitely have some unfinished business this season.

Said Johnson: "This is definitely not the last we see of Tavaroff and Luke Fox, baby!"

Mani, the show's costume designer, worked with Diana Patterson and illustrator Andy Poon to conceptualize the Batwing supersuit. Then, Ocean Drive Leather brought their ideas to life, and Amazing Ape's James Fairley sculpted the helmet.

"I wanted the Batwing suit to represent the bond between father and son, to show the love and respect that Lucius Fox had for his son, Luke," said Mani. "It was conceived within the realm of a child's imagination; the suit is a bit fantastical and based on the whimsy of a young boy's dream — complete with rocket boosters and hidden bits that pop out! The Batwing suit represents the combined talents of a solid team who all came together and met the many challenges of encompassing lights, moving parts and the need for mobility head on, bringing this character to life."

Batwoman airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

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