In this first look at Monday's episode of The Bachelor, Victoria tries to bully Katie — and immediately gets shut down.

Looks like last week's dust-up between Sarah and the rest of the "ladies" is still causing tension in the house. In this first look at next week's episode of The Bachelor, Victoria — petty thief and self-described "Queen" — accuses Katie of being "rude" to her. In turn, Katie — the sex-positive bank manager from Washington state — accuses Victoria of "calling Sarah names," and scoffs, "You're not gonna get an apology."

It's actually quite delightful to watch Victoria attempt to bully Katie, only to be met with calm, unflappable resistance. "If you're being a bitch, I'm going to tell you you're being a bitch," notes Katie, as Victoria plays with her hair and stares in blank, dead-eyed silence. Check it out above, rose lovers! Surely this has to be the week Victoria goes home, right? Right?? As we know, some new "ladies" are arriving, which gives Matt he perfect excuse to send the "Queen" packing.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC

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