This is the way to see Grogu in the sky.

Bounty hunting is a complicated profession and so is stargazing.

Earlier this year, a nebula in Canis Major — NGC 2359 — was dubbed the Baby Yoda Nebula after someone recognized just how much the cloud of dust and gas looked like The Mandalorian's Grogu.

Powered by the debris of a Wolf-Rayet star, which has a mass 10-80 times bigger than our own sun (according to Caltech), the brightly colored nebula, from some angles, does look like Mando's charge – green, adorable and with those trademark pointy ears.

And with it being May the Fourth (Star Wars day) folks with astrological know-how have detailed how to spot the Grogu nebula in the sky. But, you're going to need a telescope — or a friend's telescope — before you can say "SOOGAA!"

According to, the way to find it is to locate Sirius (a.k.a. the brightest star in the sky), and aim the telescope 8 degrees northeast of it. recommends a telescope of at least six-inches (preferably bigger) to be able to spot the Baby Yoda nebula.

If you're a Marvel fan, NGC 2359 is more commonly known as Thor's Helmet , and older images do show it with a golden glow.

Thor's Helmet Emission Nebula
Credit: Esa/Sipa/Shutterstock

If unlike Baby Yoda, you can't do your own magic hand thing (with a telescope), there's plenty of additional ways to celebrate May the Fourth. EW's rounded up some of the best new Star Wars merch you can check out. Or, have a gander at the ways franchise stars like Mark Hamill and The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal are celebrating the day via social media.

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