As Jimmy Kimmel said when introducing his guest on Thursday night's late-night-from-home installment, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only person who has served as both Mr. Universe and Governor of California. But, when a couple of Schwarzenegger's pets walked in on the interview, it became clear that the Terminator star is also probably the only person to hold either of those positions who also lets a horse and donkey live in his house.

Like other late-night hosts, Kimmel is currently conducting his interviews from home. Riffing on this idea, Kimmel allowed his daughter do his makeup. But Kimmel's lipstick was soon overshadowed in absurdity by the presence of Whiskey and Lulu, Schwarzenegger's miniature horse and donkey respectively, who came into the kitchen where he was streaming for some snacks.

"They roam around the house. They go upstairs, they go downstairs, they're all over the place," Schwarzenegger explained. "They watch me when I work out and everything like that. It's really fantastic. They try, of course, for the same food. Whiskey, she just loves to have oatmeal cookies. My favorite dessert is oatmeal cookies, so of course they take all my oatmeal cookies away. Right, Whiskey?"

Schwarzenegger was specifically on the show to discuss current topics like politics and coronavirus. During his tenure as governor, Schwarzenegger authorized preparation of medical masks and ventilators to help with potential fires, and now those stores are coming in handy as California battles coronavirus. But as interesting as all that is, it's hard not to be distracted by the lovely faces of Whiskey and Lulu.

Watch the full clip above.

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