Murphy offers a reminder for fans of Alexis.

These days, Schitt's Creek fans will go up to Annie Murphy and scream what has become her Alexis catchphrase, "Ew, David!" But there's something the Emmy winner wants people to know.

"I just found out recently, some woman told us that I only actually say 'Ew, David' twice in the entire series," Murphy said during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday.

First of all, who is this woman? Second of all, it might be the author of this PopSugar article that actually counted three times Murphy says "Ew, David" over the course of six seasons.

Even Fallon thought that hard to believe, but Murphy confirms it's usually always a variation of that line. "Ugh, David" or "Why, David?" she listed off in character.

"I tacked 'David' onto whatever I possibly could and this 'Ew, David' thing spiraled out of control," she continued.

It's a phrase Murphy can't shake even now as she embarks on her next television project, Kevin Can F**k Himself on AMC.

Watch her full interview with Fallon in the video above.

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