"We love working together," the actress tells EW of her True Blood costar — and real-life husband — who serves as co-producer and director of the Amazon Prime Video series.
Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer
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Fangtastic news! Anna Paquin and husband Stephen Moyer may appear on the small screen together again.

The former True Blood stars are co-producers of Flack, a six-episode drama series that previously aired on Pop TV before its cancellation shortly before season 2 was set to premiere. It was later saved by Amazon Prime Video with season 1 premiering on Jan. 22 and season 2 available to stream "soon," according to Paquin who stars as Robyn, an American PR executive living in London.

Much like Scandal's Olivia Pope, Robyn's superpower is fixing scandals for the famous and powerful. And she's not immune to attracting trouble herself, as she tries to survive while consumed by multiple addictions as a result of unprocessed childhood traumas.

"Robyn is someone who has grown up in a household with a mentally unwell mother who has not been consistent. That was her caregiver," Paquin tells EW. "She eventually and unfortunately commits suicide leaving Robyn and her sister Ruth to fend for themselves. Each ends up taking two very understandable opposite reactions as a result of that family origin trauma. Ruth [Genevieve Angelson] has the family and she's the PTA mom, both of which she handles perfectly. Robyn, on the other hand, is making everything work for everyone else and not herself. Ultimately, they didn't grow up with a sense of self-worth because of who they were raised by. I think that's what makes Robyn so ruthless. But there's a point where she gets so detached that she's not even a person anymore."

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The standout episode of season 1 stars Bradley Whitford, who portrays Robyn's trouble client who discovers his highly illegal secret has been discovered by the authorities while the pair is on a flight together. After a string of dramatic fixes, Robyn reveals that everyone has a limit.

"What's interesting about this episode, aside from the fact that conceptually it's a two-hander play on an airplane, is that you discovery that Robyn has a moral line in the sand," Paquin shares. "It looks like she doesn't because she lets so much slide but here's where you see there's more underneath it all, that duality and conflict is very interesting and we'll see more of that in season 2. And getting Brad to do this was so dreamy! I really couldn't believe I was getting paid to exchange beautiful dialog with him for like a week."

With Moyer staying behind-the-scenes on the series thus far, Paquin reveals she'd be into having him appear as a troubled PR client if Amazon orders a third season.

"Honestly, it didn't come up for season 2 but we already knew that we wanted him to direct some of it. Look, we love working together but none of us knows anything about season 3. It's hard to predict any aspect of our business right now. So, if this is it, it's been beautiful. But if it's not, there would be a chance that he would be a client because we love working with our friends and family."


The first season ends with Robyn's life in tatters after she's singlehandedly alienated and deeply hurt those who love her most. Without giving away too much, Paquin teases where season 2 will pick-up after that jaw-dropping finale with Martha Plimpton portraying Robyn's mom in a flashback episode.

"She ends up in a very dark place by the end of the season," she explains. "She has spun uncontrollably and used up her last chances with pretty much everybody. Those bridges are burned. Season 2 picks up with her trying to mend some of the damage she's done and we'll get meet to meet her mother, too, which will explain so much about why Robyn is the way she is."

Flack season 1 is available on Amazon Prime Video now.

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