By Rachel Yang
April 16, 2020 at 06:36 PM EDT
Credit: Quibi

Anna Kendrick has been through a lot — the Twilight franchise, a murderous best friend in A Simple Favor — and now she's got to deal with her onscreen boyfriend cheating on her with a sex doll.

In the wild new trailer for the Quibi show Dummy, aspiring writer Cody (Kendrick) finds glitter on her partner's (Donal Logue) bed, but it isn't another woman he's been involved with — it's a talking feminist sex doll with feelings.

But as the doll says, "We're all sex dolls until we topple the patriarchy."

After a therapist tells Cody she needs to embrace the sex doll to heal herself (did she find this woman on Craigslist?), she and her new friend embark on a road trip full of bonding, dance sessions, pee breaks, and personal breakthroughs.

"A fun-loving sex doll and her human friend taking on the world together — that would make an amazing story," the doll says in the trailer. Well, we'll have to see if that's true when the show premieres April 20.

Created and written by Cody Heller, Cody is inspired by her life with fiancé Dan Harmon, the creator of Rick and Morty. Kendrick and Heller executive-produce the series alongside Tricia Brock, who also serves as director.

"My boyfriend at the time, he's now my fiancé, really did have a sex doll. And I knew about it and it was something that was occupying my mind," Heller said about her inspiration for the show in a recent interview. "It all merged in this creative way of me imagining that the sex doll came to life and that she became my writing partner," she added. "I took the things that were really happening in my real life and put them on the page."

If you think Dummy's premise is quirky, you may not have seen what else Quibi has to offer. The new streaming platform geared toward "quick bites" of programming is also offering content like Sam Raimi's horror anthology 50 States of Fright, which features a hilariously soapy episode involving a woman (Rachel Brosnahan) obsessed with her golden arm. There's also Gayme Show, which sees straight guys competing to be crowned "Honorarily Gay as F—."

To find out what you should watch on Quibi and what you can skip, check out EW's guide to the streamer.

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