Series creator Ryan Murphy shared a couple new details about what to expect week after week.

American Horror Stories (TV series)

Rather than tell a larger story arc over an entire season, each new episode of American Horror Stories will be different. As Murphy teased on Twitter, "We are doing 16 one hour stand alone episodes delving into horror myths, legends and lore…many of these episodes will feature AHS stars you know and love. More to follow…"

The poster features a pale-faced woman, clad all in black — much like Rubber Man from AHS season 1. Only her face is cracked open like an egg to reveal a black widow spider weaving a web inside her hollow skull. The red design on the arachnid's back mirrors the red lipstick stain on her lip.

Meanwhile, Murphy had announced a planned October start date to film AHS season 10, which brings Macaulay Culkin into the fold and has something to do with Provincetown, Mass. and a series of images we've seen involving mouths with razor-sharp teeth. Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Evan Peters, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, and Finn Wittrock will star.

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American Horror Stories (TV series)
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