America Ferrera welcomed a daughter just in time for Mother's Day!

The actress and producer announced the birth of Lucia Marisol Williams, who was born on May 4, with a special photo via Instagram on Sunday.

"LUCIA MARISOL WILLIAMS 🌟arrived on May 4th to give me my Mother’s Day hugs and kisses herself. Mama, Dada & Big Brother are over the moon to welcome her bright light to our family."

Ferrera and her husband Ryan Piers Williams are already parents to Sebastian Piers Williams, who was born in 2018.

America Ferrera
Credit: JC Olivera/Getty Images

Ferrera's planned baby shower was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic that was set to be hosted by longtime friend and fellow actress/producer Eva Longoria. In the spirit of the event, Ferrera has asked fans to donate to Yes We Can, an organization dedicated to providing children access to education regardless of their location, legal status, or income.

The pandemic also caused Ferrera to miss taping her big exit from NBC's Superstore. Season five ended early on April 23 with one less episode which was set to be her big departure. Her character Amy Sosa will be able to say goodbye properly when the comedy returns next season.

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