The Mank actress sets her first new role since scoring that recent Oscar nomination.

Elizabeth Holmes is getting a new face. A month after Kate McKinnon dropped out of The Dropout, Hulu's upcoming series about the alleged fraudster behind Silicon Valley's Theranos, EW has confirmed that Amanda Seyfried is taking over the role.

The Dropout will be a drama series based on the ABC News podcast of the same name. It's set to trace how Holmes raised hundreds of millions of dollars to found her biotech startup Theranos and became a media darling (thanks in part to her Steve Jobs-like black turtleneck and affected baritone voice) while hiding the fact that her firm's technology didn't actually work. Theranos promised a miracle—that any and all blood tests could be done with a single drop of blood—and never delivered.

Elizabeth Meriwether (New Girl) will serve as showrunner and executive producer on The Dropout, and Seyfried will also be a producer.

Amanda Seyfried; Elizabeth Holmes
Credit: Vera Anderson/WireImage; Michael Kovac/Getty Images

This is the first role Seyfried has set since earning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for playing Old Hollywood actress Marion Davies in Mank. Speaking with EW for The Awardist podcast ahead of her nomination, Seyfried said she hoped the role would lead to more exciting opportunities: "Working with such a master like David Fincher is going to, hopefully, open the door [for me] to working with people of his caliber."

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