The former reality star's mother even makes a hilarious cameo.
Alexis Neiers
Credit: E!; TikTok

A decade after Alexis Neiers left an iconic voicemail for journalist Nancy Jo Sales, the former reality star is giving us an equally iconic recreation.

In 2010, Neiers, known for being part of the Hollywood "Bling Ring" which inspired Sofia Coppola's film of the same name, took issue with Sales' Vanity Fair writeup about the group of teen thieves who targeted the homes of celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan. Neiers, who was being filmed for the short-lived E! reality show Pretty Wild, called the reporter — who did not answer — and attempted to leave a message several times to correct some important facts she felt Sales omitted from the piece.

The now 28-year-old, who now goes by her married name Alexis Haines, recreated her voicemail to Sales on TikTok on Monday, word for word. And it was glorious.

"I spent way too much time on this. It better break the internet," Haines captioned her TikTok video, which has now garnered more than 13,000 likes.

She absolutely nailed the original voicemail's emotional depth, including the beginning, when she tells Sales that "I am calling to let you know how DISAPPOINTED I am in your story," to when she pointed out that she wore "four-inch little Bebe shoes" to court, not 6-inch Louboutins as Sales wrote in the article.

The best part of the new video might be when her mother butts in, clad in a pink sweatsuit, yelling "YOU LIED" at the phone, just like she famously did in the 2010 clip.

Alexis Neiers
Credit: E!; TikTok

The now-iconic original meltdown unfolded on Pretty Wild and the clip was 2010 personified. The giant gold hoops. The thin eyebrows. The long nails.

Neiers' story was turned into Coppola's 2013 film, The Bling Ring, and Emma Watson's character in the movie was based on her. In 2010, when she was 19, Neiers was sentenced to 180 days in county jail, with three years' probation and a fine of $600,000. She was released a month later. During the last five days of her sentence, she was in a cell next to Lohan.

Luckily, Haines seems to be doing better these days. She's sober, and recently released her first book, Recovering From Reality, which documented her life journey and struggles with addiction.

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