The weatherman joked that he's "kegeling," per doctor's orders.
Al Roker
Credit: NBC

"I feel good. I really do," Roker told colleagues Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Carson Daly, and Craig Melvin. "Let me tell yeah. Look, after the first week you can get that catheter out. Suddenly, I'm feeling good."

He added that he's "been trying to exercise" and, under doctor's orders, he now has something in common with wife Deborah Roberts "and all of you ladies who have children." "I'm kegeling right now," he said. Daly did not seem to know what kegeling is, but Guthrie and Kotb told him to Google it.

Roker has been keeping his coworkers and audience updated ever since he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which he announced earlier in November. It was "a little aggressive," he said at the time, so he underwent successful surgery to remove his prostate.

"The first week of January, I'll go have blood work and hopefully my PSA [prostate-specific antigen] has dropped considerably," Roker said on Monday's show. "And for the next five years I'll get tested every six months."

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