Adam Sandler gave us a comedic musical anthem to the "doctors and nurses" who are going to "save us from this mess."

The Uncut Gems star performed a quarantine song, written by his comedy tour buddy Dan Bulla, on The Tonight Show for Jimmy Fallon Thursday. It's a song that pays tribute to how doctors "brought us into this world as babies" and give out notes so nerds "don't have to run the mile" in gym class, and also nurses who "wear Crocs and they tell you the truth."

"Doctors and nurses will save us from this mess/ If we get them the supplies that they need," Sandler sings on the refrain. "And I hope they save us soon/ 'Cause I'm really, really sick of my family."

Sandler implored people through the power of song to "come together" to build more ventilators, make more masks, wash our hands, and stay inside so we can all "make this damn thing go away."

"I'm teaching math to my kids/ And that can't be good for America," he joked.

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