The actor says he "cannot bear" to watch himself on the beloved teen show.
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That theme song doesn't provoke great memories for The O.C. star Adam Brody. While joining Justin Long on podcast Life is Short With Justin Long, Brody revealed that he "cannot bear" to watch himself on the Fox teen drama.

"The first half of my twenties, when I moved up to L.A., for most of The O.C., Vince Vaughn was my acting hero," he explained. "To the point where I'm doing a terrible imitation of him for most of my twenties. I've since knocked that off. That was, a lot of my acting, for better or worse, in my twenties, is due to him."

Brody went on to describe his voice in The O.C. as a "chipmunk Vince Vaughn," saying, "Even though I'm mid-twenties, it sounds like I'm going through puberty still… I just watch it now and I'm like, 'Settle down.'"

In the years since The O.C., much of the cast has reminisced fondly — and not so fondly — about their time on the show. Recently, Mischa Barton wrote a personal essay discussing how the show "sexualized" her and made her feel pressure to lose her virginity.

Adam Brody on 'The O.C.'
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Brody, however, remembers the experience as being very isolating outside of the cast, to the degree that the shooting schedule even prevented him from taking advantage of his new, sudden fame. "Honestly, we were in such a bubble," he said. "It was pre-social media. We're filming down in Manhattan Beach. It wasn't like I had 20 million Twitter followers or whatever. I was, like, dating my costar… We were just in a 30-person social bubble that it felt like another planet."

"I was living in Hollywood, I wasn't around that many places," he added. "I felt, like, at once, 'Oh, my god, I have all these opportunities all of the sudden.' Then I'm seeing movies and I'm getting cool meetings. But we filmed that show, like, nine and a half months a year. There wasn't much time to capitalize on it, really."

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