The gang gathers for a commemorative meal at Delilah's one year after Jon's death.
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It's one year since Jon's death and everyone is dealing with it, or not, in their own way in this week's episode of A Million Little Things.

Gary has a terrifying nightmare about Jon playing video games while receiving chemo, but the machine comes unplugged as a sports-like timer runs down to zero. Then Maggie appears asking if this is what he really wants, all before he wakes up in a sweat. Fear not, it's not long before the guys get together on the basketball court for some dream analysis — but not before Gary has a mini-meltdown about pissing his life away, making a bunch of dark jokes about suicide. Eddie (who's also in a weird place and has been listening to Jon's final voicemail over and over) and Gary get into their dreams, with the former telling the latter he had a weird one about Jon recently too: They were on a boat and drinking, then Jon fell overboard and when Eddie reached to grab him, it wasn't him but a girl with nails painted the color teal. Gary's like, "It's obvious you're feeling guilty about Sophie," but I think it's his sister or something related to that weird story she half told last week about someone's death. It could also be Dakota — apparently, Eddie has a bunch of ladies in his life right now he needs to do better by.

Delilah is having a dinner party for everyone to commemorate Jon's death. Eddie thinks he shouldn't go because Sophie still isn't talking to him, but ends up showing up anyway and gets a frosty reception from Soph on arrival. When Eddie asks her why she isn't playing guitar anymore, she says music was an escape but now every time she picks up a guitar all she thinks about is him and all the lies he told.  She storms off but then overhears D encouraging Eddie to go to the cemetery — he hasn't been since Jon's funeral and doesn't think he can ask for forgiveness from Jon when Sophie won't forgive him. Later, however, after Sophie and Gary set the table together and have a good heart-to-heart about forgiveness and not letting one mistake define a person, Sophie goes and gets Eddie and takes him to the cemetery. She tells him she's tired of being mad and wants to move on. Eddie goes to Jon's grave and cries and apologizes. Sophie joins him and he plays Sophie the voicemail from her dad telling them all to love each other. It was exactly what Sophie needed to hear and they hug and go buy cookies.

Back at the house, a lot goes on while dinner is being prepared. Katherine tells Gina about a job interview she just had where they made her an offer in the room but then one of the partners said, "It will be good to have someone like you on the team" and it made her not want to work there. Gina advises Katherine to hold out for something else, while Eddie encourages her to go out on her own. He wants to support her dreams and assures her that he's got them.

Also, Maggie walks in on Gary in the bathroom and they joke about the last time they met in one of those (they had sex if the pilot seems too long ago). Gary tells her maybe he was dying too when they met and didn't know it. He explains that he tried to save her the way he couldn't save Jon and he realizes that put too much pressure on their relationship. Gary didn't want the day to pass without saying that. Maggie says she brought problems to the relationship too, that she was broken as well. Then, nothing!! He just walks by her out of the room. These two! Later, Maggie tells Gina about the conversation and wonders if Gary had just said all that when they broke up, they'd still be together now. Gina can't stand them being apart and tells Maggie about Gary being the one who bought her the wine when she got stood up. She adds that Gary is still in love with her. Maggie can't process that right now but does tell Gina she's going to Oxford and leaves in a week.

Elsewhere, Rome is trying to get his dad Walter to his first therapy session. His dad is resistant to go and says some mean and hurtful things to Rome in the process. He read Rome's script and is upset that his son never told him about his suicide attempt. Rome tells him the bad reaction he's having right now is exactly the reason he didn't tell him in the first place. Rome goes to see Maggie and tells her all about it. Maggie says his dad feels guilty and Rome tells her he doesn't know what he would do without her. She starts crying and tells him about the Oxford fellowship. She's excited but for the first time in her life, she's not sure if she wants to leave.

Later, Gina goes to see Walter and tells him she gets it, she found Rome's suicide note weeks later and was upset she never knew what her husband was going through, but she got over it because Rome needs them both to be there for him. She full-on tells Walter that he makes it hard for Rome to know he loves him and that she thinks he's scared to look too closely at Rome because he might end up seeing himself there. Boom. Is Gina a therapist too?

It's dinner time! Honestly, the food looks great. Theo makes a toast about Egyptians and death and your spirit living on and Rome adds that so much has happened since Jon passed, that they were all lost and now it feels like they're all finally in a better place — not because he died, but because he convinced them to live. They raise their glasses to Jon before Delilah and Gina tell the group to grab their coats; they're taking a road trip! What about dessert? They all arrive at the apartment above the restaurant Gina and Delilah own and tell Katherine the space is now hers to use as her new office. Jon would've wanted her to have this. Katherine doesn't know what to say. She explains that she didn't think she'd feel like part of the group after Jon was gone but now she does. They all cheers with Jon's whiskey and Rome takes a minute to thank Gary for calling him repeatedly the day Jon died when Rome had a mouthful of pills because it saved him. Rome tells his friend, no matter how bad you feel, it's never too late to start over and also lets him know that Maggie is going to Oxford next week.

Back at home, D is having a hard time, finally letting herself fully grieve her husband after a crazy year of putting out fires elsewhere. When her phone rings and it's her hookup from last episode, she ignores it and imagines Jon is there instead. They have a conversation about how he wasn't really there for the last few years of their marriage. She falls asleep on the couch at peace.

We wrap up an emotional episode with Eddie and Katherine having a happy moment and deciding that for their 12 -year anniversary they want to renew their vows. Later, they talk about it some more while Katherine is painting her nails. The nail polish reminds Eddie of a young girl painting her nails by the water and he goes to call his sister and leaves her a voicemail, telling her he had a dream about Alex and needs to know what happened the night she died.

Over at Rome and Gina's, Walter comes over and tells his son he's glad he's here. He also brings him a gift for the baby — the glow-in-the-dark stars for the ceiling, like the ones he bought Rome as a kid.

At his place, Gary calls someone and asks them out for a drink. He shows up at a bar and — OF COURSE — it's not Maggie he's there to see, but the friend of Katherine's he met at the arcade with Theo last week. Gary tells her she's a fresh start. No pressure, lady!

Guess we'll see if these fresh starts are for real next week.

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