The sketch comedy's all-star guest cast delivers big laughs!

A Black Lady Sketch Show's guest cast is top notch!

From The Patti LaBelle to The Angela Bassett, each episode is full of iconic talent who viewers know and love. They show up in sketches and have viewers rolling on the floor with laughter. Created by Robin Thede, A Black Lady Sketch Show has creates many opportunities for Black people to feel represented in its series of hilarious sketches. Ahead of its season 2 premiere, here's a look back at the first season's best cameos.

Angela Bassett

Who wouldn't go to a support group led by Angela Bassett? In Bad Bitch Support Group, the actress plays the leader of a support group of women committed to maintaining their life as a bad bitch, and she played her part to perfection. The hilarious sketch also features Love & Hip Hop Miami star Amara La Negra and Laverne Cox.

Nicole Byer & Gina Torres

Nicole Byer goes up against Ashley Nicole Black's legendary spy Trinity in Invisible Spy. Taking the idea of people with "regular faces" being ignored to hilarious heights, the two comedians face-off in a great espionage showdown.

In addition to Byer, Kelly Rowland and Gina Torres make appearances in the sketch. Of the cameos, Torres stands out as the person who gives Trinity her mission, especially after hearing the phrases "Pew Pew Pew" and "Skrrt" come out of her mouth.

Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine's wedding officiant is all of us in Chris and Lachel: Altar Falter. Chris and Lachel cannot seem to say the words "I do" and "in sickness and in health," and Devine's reactions are hilarious not only because of her excellent timing, but she seems to be channelling the audience's reactions to the marriage itself.

Issa Rae

A Black Lady Sketch Show executive producer Issa Rae makes several appearances during the first season, but Negro League Groupies is her best, and it's a prime example of what the HBO show brings to the sketch-comedy landscape. The sketch brings together the Negro League Baseball and the contemporary idea of groupies; playing with Black history is something this talented group of women did effortlessly.

Jackée Harry and Marla Gibbs

The 227: The Reboot honors the characters and stars behind the iconic comedy series. The actors embodying the characters are fantastic, specifically Robin Thede channeling Jackée Harry's Sandra Clark. The original characters' appearances, including Harry and Marla Gibbs, are just the icing on an already deliciously hilarious cake.

Tyler James Williams

The HBO series brought Romeo & Juliet and stan culture together in Rome and Julissa. Tyler James Williams' Barb is excellent partner for Quinta Brunson's Cardi B-loving Juliet. Delivering lines about the two devoted coalitions in iambic pentameter is truly a standout of the season.

Patti LaBelle

In On My Own, Patti LaBelle comes in to sing every time Denise (Black) is broken up with. Who wouldn't want LaBelle to sing for them? Well, Denise, that's who. The back-and-forth between Black and LaBelle is comedy gold. Plus, LaBelle singing? This sketch is a hit!

Bresha Webb & Yvette Nicole Brown

What's a great way to end a season of A Black Lady Sketch Show? A Black lady courtroom! Courtroom Kiki brings together most of the cast, executive producer Issa Rae, Bresha Webb, and Yvette Nicole Brown. A fitting celebration for a fantastic season of sketches by celebrating Black girl magic with this group of comedy powerhouses.

A Black Lady Sketch Show season 2 premieres April 23 on HBO and HBO Max.

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