Donna Martin regurgitates! The cast of BH90210 gets silly in the blooper reel included in the new DVD release Beverly Hills, 90210: The Ultimate Collection.

If you missed BH90210, the mega-meta scripted series about a fictional Beverly Hills, 90210 revival, you're not alone. The Fox series (which was actually pretty good!) lasted only one season, but that was long enough for producers to put together something every show needs: a blooper reel.

EW has the first look at the extremely silly BH90210 outtakes, which are included in the CBS Home Entertainment DVD release Beverly Hills, 90210: The Ultimate Collection, on sale now. So if you've ever wanted to see Jason Priestley struggle to eat a grape, or hear Jennie Garth offer to give Tori Spelling the "hiney lick" (relax, she meant "Heimlich"), then Monday is your lucky day. The true apex of the blooper reel, though, involves Brian Austin Green's priceless reaction when Spelling attempts to give a toast during a scene at a bar. The result is... messy.

Beverly Hills, 90210: The Ultimate Collection includes all 290 episodes of the original series as well as the full season of BH90210.

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