The Fox drama's season 5 finale will see "Eddie, having healed, able to be there for Bobby in a way that maybe nobody else expected," Kristen Reidel says of Ryan Guzman and Peter Krause's characters.
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9-1-1 's Eddie is dealing with a lot right now.

The former army medic has been away from his 118 fire house team for weeks as he deals with the PTSD he has from his stint as an army medic in Afghanistan. The storyline has made for an emotional showcase for actor Ryan Guzman, but fans are eager to see his firefighter character back with his 118 family — and 9-1-1 showrunner Kristen Reidel promises that's eventually in the cards.

Reidel tells EW that viewers can look forward to a moment in the season 5 finale (slated for May 16) that she is "most happy about": "I think that you'll see Eddie, having healed, is able to be there for Bobby [Peter Krause] in a way that maybe nobody else expected," she tells EW.

But for now, Eddie "still has a little bit of a journey left," she adds. "His problems, the way he sees himself, and the way that he sees his place in the world, did not start with the military. It goes back a little further than that. We're going to see some of that near to the end of the season."

Even if we have weeks until Eddie is officially back on the job, "there will be a sort of mini reunion with the 118 in an upcoming episode," teases Reidel. "But we wanted honor Eddie's journey and kind of see him go through a lot of the steps. I think you'll see, in the next episode, he is doing better than where we find him in this episode. And it'll just kind of be that. It'll just be a few more steps on his way to being a healthy person again."

Helping him along that journey is his pal Buck (Oliver Stark), who we saw on Monday's episode track down a boy Eddie had helped in hopes it would push his best friend to get the help he needs.

"It's interesting, because Buck is often the person that's going to others for help. But Buck is somebody who did embrace the need for therapy, the need to talk about your problems and face them. And so, I think Buck is in a much healthier place when it comes to the job that they do, the losses that they've experienced, because he has faced it," says Reidel. "So he can be in a place with Eddie of saying, 'It's not all bad. We go through terrible things, but there is an upside and there is a benefit to what we do. Not just for the world, but for ourselves.' He kind of went through a lot last season and came out, I think, in a mostly healthier way — so he can encourage Eddie to do the same."

New episodes of 9-1-1 air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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