In an exclusive preview from Tuesday's episode of the Fox first responder drama, Carlos is shocked to learn TK visited Iris to talk about the divorce papers ahead of her disappearance.

With Iris missing, the 9-1-1: Lone Star crew is on edge — particularly her (hopefully) soon-to-be ex-husband.

"Iris has been a big part of Carlos's life, and she was extremely present in his earlier days," actor Rafael Silva says of his Lone Star police officer. "At a certain point, he truly believed that she could be his life partner, his wife. And even though those sentiments came from a place of oppression of who he is [as a gay man] and because he was taught he was inadequate to be in this world, the love for Iris was absolutely truthful."

In a preview clip exclusive to EW, Carlos and TK (Ronen Rubinstein) are visited by a detective (Blythe Howard) investigating what may have happened to Iris (Lyndsy Fonseca). During their conversation, TK reveals that he visited his fiancé's wife to convince her to sign the divorce papers, which does not go over well with Carlos.

"TK kind of completely overstepped a relationship that Carlos was leading. He was carefully considering how to approach the conversation [with Iris] about divorce. So I think this is a moment of heartbreak for Carlos," Silva says of hearing TK's revelation. "The decision that TK made that could have a catastrophic outcome, because anything big or small could set off a sequence of events that could lead to Iris sliding back, derailing all she's accomplished and how far she's come — not only with herself, but with facing the schizophrenia and seeking help and accepting help."

The actor goes on to explain how much Carlos' desire to always do the right thing, to be the right person, as well as his history with Iris, informs his strong reaction.

"Carlos knows who Iris is," says Silva. "He's been with Iris, he grew up with Iris. He knew Iris without signs of schizophrenia, then showing sides of schizophrenia, and then being at the epicenter of that trauma, of the chaos of not knowing what to do. That 'not knowing' means you might make mistakes. And if he makes mistakes, is he being a bad partner? Is he being a bad husband? Is he being a bad friend?"

Silva compares Carlos' relationship to Iris to that of TK and his AA sponsor, Cooper (Josh Plasse) in season 3.

"Carlos was feeling jealous, or left out of TK's road to recovery," he says. "But TK required someone who knows what that road feels like. This is exactly the same, but for Carlos with Iris. Carlos knows what this road is because he was the one there for Iris in the worst of it. He was in the eye of the hurricane back when the signs of schizophrenia were more prevalent. And unfortunately, TK is walking into a situation that he knows nothing about because Carlos has never disclosed that to him."

While things are tense at home, Silva says Carlos will devote himself to solving Iris' disappearance.

"This is life or death," says the actor. "He knows this person really well. He loves this person very much, and he's not going to stop until he finds her. That's for sure."

9-1-1: Lone Star season 4, episode 3, "Cry Wolf," airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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