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Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the season finale of Love Is Blind.

Sooo, in conclusion, love is partially sighted?

By now, you’ve undoubtedly raced through all of the episodes of Netflix’s reality matchmaking series Love Is Blind (which enlists 15 single men and 15 single women to talk to walls in the hope of marrying the love of their life), including the finale where the couples reached the altar and made their final decisions about whether to spend the rest of their lives with someone they’d know for a whole entire month. If not, hop to it! And also, one hundred percent stop reading here. If that was too subtle a warning: SO MANY SPOILERS AHEAD.

While six couples emerged from Pod Life engaged (plus two more whose journeys were not televised), only two went through with their nuptials when the big day arrived. After getting all dolled up in bridal attire, inviting all their family and friends (well, the non-disdainful supportive ones, anyway) and teary declarations of love, Cameron and Lauren, and Barnet and Amber (debt and all) said “we do,” while Jessica said “see ya” to Mark (zero surprises there), Kelly said “sorry, no can do” to Kenny (hmm, a little surprise there?) and Damien said “it’s your fault I can’t” to Giannina at the altar. So, like we said, love is partially sighted at this point.

Of course, there’s plenty to unpack from all this madness, so we chatted with creator Chris Coelen (of Kinetic Content) about altar breakups and breakthroughs. Here’s part two of our interview with Coelen:

Now that we know there were only two couples that ultimately went through with their weddings, do you feel like there were some relationships that might’ve survived if they could’ve just kept on dating and not rushed to the altar?
The truth is when you have gotten engaged and you set a wedding date and one person is ready to say I do and the other person is like, Yeah, I’m not sure, maybe we just date, that’s probably going to be the end of your relationship, regardless. No matter what you say or how you want to play it off, it’s over.

Were you surprised by which couples went through with it? In the early days, it seemed like Kelly and Kenny had so much promise…
Ah, Kelly and Kenny! God, the sister with Kelly…she just wants to shake her, Kelly, what are you doing?!

I know, even her mom was like, I love this guy!
Yeah, I know! I think people create obstacles of their own making. But you know what, personally, I love how real that is. I think the fact that people get heartbroken on this show and the stakes are as high as they are, is a great thing because that means when you do make it, you make it: you’re totally done. I love the raw authenticity of that. To me, the best TV is when it’s authentically real and raw. We didn’t pull anything back. It was an extraordinary experience.

Did anyone that didn’t go through with the wedding get back together since?
One couple did but I can’t tell you who. (PSA: We know and wish we could tell you but you’ll have to wait for Netflix’s where-are-they-now type catchup show in March where you can also find out which of the couples who did go through with it are still together).

Did you feel bad at all having them get all ready and in their wedding dresses and then stand at the altar before they revealed their decision? Were they encouraged to do that rather than back out earlier?
Well, they obviously could back out of it or not go through with it if they wanted to because there was one couple that didn’t go through with it (Carlton and Diamond). So nobody was forced to do anything, but, again, going in, we were very transparent with everybody. We just said, “This is an experiment. You want to find true love — everybody does. This is how you’re going to go about it: if you find somebody, and that’s totally up to you, you get engaged, you’ll see them and then you’ll have this love out in the real world. When you get engaged, you’ll set your wedding date, which will be a month from now. If you’re on board with that, then the experiment of it is, on your wedding day, will you go through with it?” That’s the experiment. I think that there were times where people felt like they weren’t sure that this was going to work out. The story of Jessica and Mark is really fascinating as I think there was so many times where Jessica kept thinking, “This is going to be the moment where somebody judges us and tells us we shouldn’t do it. It’s going to be the moment where somebody goes, you can’t do it.” And everybody’s like, “Hey, no, this is awesome. This is great!” And, for whatever reason, she just couldn’t stop thinking about whatever her issues were and, rightly or wrongly, she couldn’t do it. I think she, in particular, really just wanted to go all the way through with it.

You asked if I felt bad, I didn’t feel bad because I was fascinated. The truth is that when I was there on the wedding day — a lot of times you know which way things are going to go — [but] I had no idea. I mean, the fact that Barnett was texting on the day of their weddings that he’s got cold feet and he’s not sure he’s going to go through it. It’s classic Barnett and you’re like, are you kidding me? You can see on Amber’s face how drained she is.

Ah, but it feels so cold to have to dump someone in front of their friends and families like that!
Is that hard? Of course that’s hard, but I think it also showed that people were really committed to the idea of seeing it all the way through. Even if they felt like they weren’t someone who… I mean, these people all love each other, whether or not they felt like they wanted to ultimately go through and marry them. I feel like there’s no question. I think there’s a lot of honor paid to that.

Love is Blind is available to stream in its entirety on Netflix now.

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