Which couples tied the knot and who left their partner to rot?
Love Is Blind

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the finale of Love Is Blind.

If the Love Is Blind finale were a Friends episode, it would likely be called “The One Where Everything Goes to S—.”

For three weeks audiences have been following the evolving love lives of Giannina and Damian, Cameron and Lauren, Jessica and Mark, Kelly and Kenny, and Barnett and Amber as they went from strangers to fiancés before actually meeting face-to-face. It all came down to the wedding day, a fully sanctioned marriage that invites their whole families and friends to witness whether they will commit to getting married or not. They just met in pods a month ago and they are on the brink of proving whether love is really blind.

If you don’t want to handle the tears or runaway brides — or you want to relive the whole thing all over again, EW has a quick guide to what happened at each wedding. You’re welcome.

Giannina and Damian

Love Is Blind
Credit: Netflix

Damian and Giannina ran hot and cold throughout the series, and their moment at the altar wasn’t any different. While Giannina says “of course I do,” to their marriage, Damian begins to shake uncontrollably while trying to hold his tears.

“I do not,” Damian says, words that hit Giannina like a ghost had run past her. “I do love you. Since day one, I have wanted to marry you,” he continues. “I’ve stayed consistent through this. You have not. I can’t handle the ups and downs of you loving me one day and saying you want to be friends the next.”

Giannina proceeds to run out of the church while her mother and the cameras try to catch her on foot. When her mom finally catches up, she has some comforting words for the jilted bride. “Everything is s—‚” her mom says in Spanish. “You should have said no, too.”

Damian, now with his buddies, says he wanted to say yes, but the fact that she said yes “melted my heart and broke it.” OK. “Because she’s saying yes but everything she’s shown me. Her words, her actions shows me she’s not ready for marriage.”

Status: Not married.

Amber and (Matt) Barnett

Love Is Blind
Credit: Netflix

Amber and Barnett’s wedding day started out a little more rocky than audiences were led to believe. As Amber arrives at the venue, she notes that Barnett maybe is having cold feet and that he hasn’t talked to her since early that morning. Luckily, Barnett does make it to the wedding.

“Never have I ever met a man in my life that irks my nerves like you do,” Amber tells him at the altar. “I found my love of my lifetime,”

Amber quickly says “I do,” while Barnett stares at Amber for an hour and a half before responding.

“Oh I do,” he finally utters. “I can’t imagine a life without you.”

Status: Married.

Kelly and Kenny

Love Is Blind
Credit: Netflix

Kenny and Kelly still had not been intimate by their wedding day, but that so far hadn’t stopped them from having a seemingly healthy relationship. Kenny starts out his speech at the altar by talking about how much Kelly’s parents will support their marriage “through thick and thin.” “I can’t wait to be a continued part of your life,” he says.

“I’m going to cry,” Kelly tells Kenny after his speech.

Kelly’s eyes quickly start to swell with tears, then she waxes poetic about how the experiment allowed her to find someone so “fabulous in every single aspect.” Kelly hits Kenny with a reassuring “I love you.”

You would think Kenny would be in the clear at this point, but a few seconds later, Kelly is asked if she’ll take Kenny’s hand in marriage. “I don’t,” she says. “I can’t marry you. I hope that you can appreciate that and respect that decision of mine.”

God bless Kenny, because with his head held high he gives a speech to both families after the rejection. “Obviously this is just a whirlwind for everyone,” he says. “Today is not our day.”

“I had to be the one to say I don’t,” Kelly says backstage. “That’s not easy. I’m 33. I should know what the f— I want.”

Kenny goes off into another room where he is not a fan of the cameras, pushing the producers away from asking him if he would still marry her despite the rejection. “Please stop recording, Jimmy,” he says.

Ah, good ole Jimmy.

Status: Not married.

Jessica and Mark

Love Is Blind
Credit: Netflix

Things were beginning to look up for Mark and Jessica despite the disastrous start of their relationship outside the pods. They had recently revealed that Jessica got past the hurdle of not desiring Mark physically. Could they actually tie the knot? “It’s my wedding day and I couldn’t be happier,” Jessica says. “I found full-blown love like I never experienced before.”

Let us just drop some other Jessica quotes before the marriage real quick:

“Mark is everything I ever wanted.”

“Usually I’m someone who runs before commitment, but Mark has exceeded every expectation.”

This time, it’s the man that gets to be the first to say yes or no to the marriage. Mark, as we probably all expected, goes for it. Jessica meanwhile takes about 50 years for words to come to her mouth. “I cannot,” she says. The camera pans to Mark’s mom, frozen in a state of shock.

“I do want you to know that I do love you so very much,” Jessica continues. “I respect you so much as a man.”

Yikes. Speaking of yikes, one of Jessica’s friends could audibly be heard saying “so embarrassing for her.”

To note: Jessica’s parents were not present at the wedding, while Mark’s were. Should we have been surprised?

Status: Not married.

Cameron and Lauren

Love Is Blind
Credit: Netflix

The seemingly most stable relationship went last. Lauren’s dad shows up in full support of her, which knocks away the only real doubt we had about whether they were going to get married. (Unless she really hates sharing toothbrushes.)

“Every day that we’ve been together has been a blessing to me,” Cameron says at the altar as he begins to cry tears of joy. “You have everything I need in a partner.”

The show unsurprisingly tries to amp up the moment when Lauren needs to say “I do,” but she says the fateful words without an ounce of doubt.

“I don’t think I could have met someone like Cameron any other way,” Lauren says in a post-interview in the finale. “I’ve been looking for Cameron for 30 years!”

Status: Married.

What happened next for all the couples? We’ll find out during a reunion special airing March 5.

Love Is Blind is streaming now on Netflix.

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