By Rosy Cordero
February 26, 2020 at 12:34 PM EST

Marc Maron has a lot to say and a new Netflix comedy special where he can joke about it all, coming soon. The actor and comedian will take the global streaming stage on March 10 in End Times Fun, tackling topics from global warming, to Jewish writer’s rooms, and even vaccinations.

“It should be recognized that the story of Jesus and the Marvel Universe were created in Jewish writer rooms,” Maron says in the trailer for his special. “My impression of Jewish creativity: Keep making shit up that they like so they don’t kill us!”

Maron fans can expect more of his irreverent, honest and thought-provoking style while discussing life before cellphones and trying to “stay woke.” His appearance was recorded live at the CalArts Theatre in Los Angeles during his Hey, There’s More tour in Oct. 2019.

This is Maron’s third comedy special for Netflix, Thinky Pain and Too Real are currently available for streaming. His hit series GLOW also has three seasons available to binge.

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