Love Is Blind

With only one episode left in Love Is Blind‘s first season, the question remains: will all five remaining engaged couples say “I do” or will they prove that love actually isn’t blind?

Netflix’s wild new reality series that saw singles get engaged without ever seeing their partner in person is finally releasing the almost 90-minute finale episode this week, but it turns out that won’t be the last that fans can see Amber and Barnett, Mark and Jessica, Damian and Giannina, Cameron and Lauren, and Kelly and Kenny. The streaming service announced on Wednesday that a reunion special will bring together all the engaged couples shown on the series — plus Carlton and Diamond! — to spill the secrets of what it was really like participating in the social experiment.

Sitting down with Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the 12 major Love Is Blind participants will all come together for the first time since filming ended to break down all the season’s juiciest moments as well as reveal which couples are still together after the finale weddings. The reunion also promises to deliver “more unexpected twists and revelations from the whole season explained from the couples who experienced it.”

Credit: Netflix

Hopefully this means we’ll get answers to questions like: Does Jessica know that wine is toxic for dogs? Will Barnett take on Amber’s credit card debt? Did Mark know how much his fiancée was crushing on another man? Has Carlton learned anything about himself since his blow up was released on Netflix? Has Cameron rapped for Lauren’s father? Has Giannina put dow her phone long enough to have a serious conversation with Damian?

All those answers and more will be revealed when the Love Is Blind reunion special debuts Thursday, March 5 on Netflix’s YouTube channel.

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Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind
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