Jessica talks to EW about the infamous shot of her dog drinking wine and her own alcohol consumption on the show.
Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind is a wild show, people got engaged without ever seeing each other, a bunch of them are about to get married on the finale after less than a month of knowing each other, blah blah blah. Yes, it’s all crazy. But what we really need to talk about is perhaps the craziest moment of them all: when Jessica gave her dog wine.

Jessica, one of the contestants on Netflix’s reality dating series, was in the middle of a very serious conversation with her new fiancé Mark about their relationship, diving deep about their age difference (she’s 34, he’s 24) and what that means for their future and kids. Then she just casually leaned down and let her dog drink wine right out of her own glass. And just in case you blinked and missed it, she followed the moment up by whispering, “She loves wine.” Her dog … loves wine?

A dog drinking wine on 'Love Is Blind'
Credit: Netflix

That moment ended up being GIFed and going viral. And the internet rightly freaked out since grapes and wine are toxic for dogs. So EW went right to Jessica herself to get the real story.

“I definitely have never done that before; I won’t do that again,” Jessica tells EW. “I love my dog more than anything and that was not something I would ever recommend anyone to do. I think I was just really uncomfortable. I don’t even remember doing it. I don’t know why I did that but it was definitely unnecessary for sure.”

And giving her dog wine isn’t the only moment involving alcohol that Jessica’s been regretting now that the first nine episodes of Love Is Blind are streaming on Netflix.

Credit: Netflix

“I think there’s a reason that there’s sometimes alcohol around during these reality shows,” she says after a long pause. “Sometimes you loosen up and these moments can kind of come out. I really wish that I would have been better about the drinking for me. I was really uncomfortable and so I had a few moments where I overdrank. I know the first one I took accountability for on camera and then the bachelorette party as well. If I could do anything differently it would be that I didn’t have so much to drink.”

She’s aware that her drinking habits on the show may seem like a cause for concern, but she explains that isn’t how she acts normally. “That is something that I tend to do if I’m nervous, I drink a little bit more,” Jessica says. “But actually I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me like, ‘Are you an alcoholic,’ or something like that, and I actually don’t drink very often. I take several months off a year. I think it was just in that moment I was so uncomfortable and unfortunately I was using alcohol a little bit to defer that. And hindsight is 20/20. If I could have done anything differently for sure that would be one of the things.”

Credit: Netflix

While Jessica might not come off as bad as other contestants (may we direct your attention to Carlton’s insults hurled at Diamond), she’s been feeling the hate on social media ever since the show debuted on Netflix.

“I was on a plane when a lot of people started watching it. I landed and got some really negative comments on Instagram and it was just a shock,” she says. “It was the first time I had really ever experienced anything like that. Initially, I had a lot of negativity and hatred. But honestly it’s gotten a bit better as of late.”

When the second batch of episodes dropped on Netflix last week, viewers got to see Jessica reveal some more of her past to Mark. “As my story plays out a little bit and you get to hear a little bit about me and where I come from and why I struggled a little bit, I think people have resonated with that,” she says. “I shared the story about my dad and my family and had so many people reach out very happy that I shared that because they were able to resonate. I’ve always said however the show ends up for me, it would be great to just touch one person. I’ve started to get some of that so that helps to offset some of the negativity that’s out there.”

But that hasn’t stopped the hatred from flowing entirely. “I can separate it a little bit. It’s okay,” she adds. “I totally understand why there are some of those comments out there.”

The season finale of Love Is Blind drops on Netflix on Thursday, Feb. 27.

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