The one time working in sales backfires.
Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Love Is Blind.

All Matt Barnett wanted was to find that one fish in the sea. By the end of the first episode of Netflix’s new reality show sensation Love Is Blind, he had three women gunning to be his bride sight unseen.

His choices: Jessica Batten, Amber Pike, and Lauren Chamblin (LC). Barnett sweat the decision out and ultimately proposed to Amber after less than a month of speaking to one another with a wall between them. EW talked to Barnett ahead of the show’s finale episode to find out why he picked Amber over Jessica and LC.

“I don’t think anybody could ever imagine what is going on in my mind,” Barnett says.

During a pod date with Jessica, Barnett threw out the idea that he would propose to her, leading Jessica to reevaluate her connection with Mark, the other man she had developed feelings for and who had clearly fallen for her. But the very next day, Barnett told Jessica he wasn’t going to pick her after all.

Love Is Blind
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“With Jessica, I got this thought in my head that she was just a salesperson because I knew that’s what she had done in the past,” Barnett reveals. “It made me reevaluate if she was just trying to sell herself to me.”

Then came LC, who Barnett had recently played a song for on his ukulele. During a confessional that played just before Barnett’s decision, LC exclaimed how she couldn’t imagine Barnett not picking her. Welp.

“Between Amber and LC, LC and I are still pretty good friends,” Barnett says. “My mindset was like I could see LC because we were so alike, but then again, I realized that it would be a better friendship than actually a marriage.”

Alas, LC was sentenced to the friend zone. So, why Amber? Why the woman who joyously cried about marrying her best friend at her joint bachelorette party like she had just heard The Circle was renewed?

“Amber just had that fire that I needed in my life,” Barnett offers.

Fans agree that Amber has a fire in her. A Little. Fire. Everywhere.

Find out if Amber and Barnett both say “I do” when the Love Is Blind finale drops this Friday on Netflix.

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Love Is Blind
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