By Nick Romano
February 21, 2020 at 09:53 AM EST

What Child is this who laid to rest on Dyn Jarren’s lap is sleeping?

The folks at Mondo have been teasing the next edition to their collection of coveted prints and, today, EW can exclusively unveil “The Bounty.” That is, The Child, a.k.a. Baby Yoda.

Artist Rory Kurtz did his part to further immortalize the 55-year-old infant Force wielder from Disney+ series The Mandalorian with two prints: one being a color edition and the other being a black-and-white variant version.

“I can’t say exactly when my feelings toward The Child turned from hesitant curiosity, to full on fan obsession,” Kurtz writes to EW via email. “I had started this small original drawing for the sheer fun of it, just two or three episodes into The Mandalorian, and before even finishing it, I was just as ecstatic for The Child as everyone else seemed to be. Something about the Child’s original trilogy design, and live real world puppeteering just brings so much more to the character than another forgettable CGI creation. That, and the certain mysterious understanding in it’s giant glassy eyes. The entire series is such a great addition to Star Wars canon, and season 2 can’t come soon enough.”

Credit: Mondo

The design features Baby Yoda — the name Star Wars fans collectively gave to the adorable-beyond-words Child for its likeness to Jedi Master Yoda — peaking out from his floating pod.

The standard color print (8″ x 10″) and the black-and-white variant (5″ x 7″) both retail for $35 and will go on sale at Mondo later today at noon EST.

Credit: Mondo

These prints arrive as Hasbro unleashed full looks at its forthcoming line of Baby Yoda toys, including an animatronic doll that strains super hard when using the Force to subdue a fearsome Mud Horn or summon more froggy yum-yums.

Demand is high for Baby Yoda anything, given the months-long wait for official merchandise related to The Mandalorian. Toys and other trinkets will continue flowing out later this year, while Disney+ is at working developing season 2 of the Star Wars live-action series (arriving this October), in addition to mulling over potential spin-offs.

One thing is not clouded in the Force: more Baby Yoda is coming.

Credit: Lucasfilm

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