Jeremy Jordan is wrapping up his three-episode return arc on Supergirl with this Sunday’s 100th episode, but he’s already looking forward to his next trip back.

After leaving The CW’s superhero drama back in season 3 to join the Legion of Super-Heroes in the future, Jordan’s Winn reappeared in the two-part “Back From the Future” story line this season to reconnect and reunite with his super friends and defeat his evil doppelgänger. And while Winn went back to the future by the end of last Sunday’s episode, he’ll still show up in this Sunday’s 100th episode, “It’s a Super Life,” although not as a continuation of the story from the last two episodes — when Mister Mxyzptlk returns with a new face (now played by Thomas Lennon), Supergirl hosts its own version of It’s a Wonderful Life. The clip show of sorts follows Kara (Melissa Benoist) as she gets to troubleshoot all the different points in time where she had the opportunity to tell Lena (Katie McGrath) her secret and see all the alternate outcomes to figure out if she made the right call keeping her double identity from her former BFF. Some of these timelines include Winn as well as other familiar faces from previous seasons that will excite Supergirl fans.

But Jordan isn’t done guest-starring on Supergirl just yet — he’s excited for another chance to return to The CW series in the future. “It’s just the fact that Winn has always been part of the DNA of the show and when he returns for these couple episodes it really just felt natural and normal,” he tells EW. “The second I stepped on the set it was like I had never left and we just had a blast. I would be more than happy to come back and guest star again in the future. I don’t think it will happen this season unfortunately, I think they’re almost done filming, but hopefully next season maybe we can find something and continue the journey.”

It's a Super Life
Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Even when Jordan made the decision to leave Supergirl after starring as a series regular for three seasons, he always knew he’d back. It was just a question of when. “When I left the show, we had mutually agreed that I would come back as soon as possible for a number of episodes,” he says. “It was supposed to happen in season 4 but unfortunately scheduling and story lines dictated that it wasn’t going to happen. So we planned way ahead for season 5 and made it work then. It was always in the books, always in the cards that I was going to come back at least for a few episodes.”

And since they knew they wanted him back for the 100th episode, it ended up working out perfectly scheduling his two-episode arc back-to-back with the milestone hour.

“They knew they wanted to bring back a lot of people, and then this idea of the Toyman and Winn coming back from the future happened after that so instead of it being a true three-episode arc, it was like a two-episode arc with a little bonus: the 100th episode appearance tacked on the end,” Jordan says. “It was really convenient for me because I was already in Vancouver and I could just do the three in a row. It’s hard to schedule these things because I have a lot of concerts and I have Broadway and off-Broadway gigs. So if we can bunch it all together, it’s so much more beneficial.”

When Jordan stepped back on set after his time away, he immediately noticed how much of a toll the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover had taken on everyone. “Everybody was still recovering from the massive crossover that happened,” he says with a laugh. “But at that point it was a couple episodes behind us and everyone was free to have a blast. It’s always fun to come in and hang with your old friends. It was great to see Chris [Wood] again.”

It's a Super Life
Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Cagey about spoilers, Jordan teases that his favorite scene from the 100th episode is one that was full of nostalgia. “There’s a lovely scene between Melissa and I where we have one of our old school heart-to-hearts and talk, that’s always just really lovely to get to film,” he says. “And then getting to do some scenes with Chris and Mister Mxyzptlk was really fun. We had a blast and were laughing the whole time. There are some big moments that happen that I can’t really talk about that people will be really happy with. It’s like a love letter to our fans for always supporting us and being really positive throughout the years. We get to revisit some of these great moments we’ve had over the course of the series and make some fun new memories. What’s great about the 100th episode is it really feels like the end of a chapter and we can move forward from here.”

And while fans have seen Jordan playing two different versions of Winn so far this season — the now-superhero Winn who grew up in the future as well as the evil Toyman doppelgänger Winn from an alternate Earth — the actor reveals his 100th episode appearance is yet another Winn.

“The Winn that I’m playing in the 100th episode is a weird hybrid of old Winn mixed with if the old Winn had stuck around and become a version of a new Winn that we see,” he says. “It was a little bit different. I’m in the Legion suit so it’s not exactly old Winn. It’s getting glimpses here and there of what could have been. Unfortunately we don’t have all the time in the world to get to really explore all these different eventualities but in the little time we had, we tried to play with it and have fun. I still think that the new Winn we saw in the first two episodes is very similar to our old Winn, just with a few upgrades.”

Those upgrades now include a new Legion call sign: Toyman. Winn decided to adopt his father’s old villain moniker and turn it into something positive. “It was actually Jesse Rath who pitched Winn eventually taking up the Toyman call sign which I thought was super smart and really fun full circle thing,” Jordan says. “Every time Winn has an episode having to do with his past, he always comes out on top and having learned some things but I don’t think he ever fully left it behind him, and this is the final step in taking that mantle. I was just really excited to show everybody Winn’s journey as this full circle, how he’s come around to own his past and reclaim it. And having an actual superhero name is pretty awesome. I’m not mad about it, even a little bit.”

And Toyman is definitely a more exciting call sign than Computer Lad. “Yeah, but that was really fun to play too,” Jordan says with a laugh. “‘Hey, it’s cool, I’ve always been the computer lad. It’s fun!’ and then at the end when he’s like, ‘Are you kidding me? I hated it! It’s a terrible name!’ It was a great insight into our old Winn — it proves he’s still the same guy.”

Aside from reuniting with all his former costars, the thing Jordan missed the most about being on Supergirl is… “Paychecks! Just kidding,” he says with another laugh. “Just getting to reunite with Winn. I’ve never done a show for as long as I did Supergirl and I’ve never gotten to live with a character for that long. I’ve done plays and movies and I’ve done TV shows before but none that lasted this long. He’s like an old friend and he’s a part of me. He’s comfortable and it’s comforting to step into his shoes.”

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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