From the moment Baby Yoda first appeared on The Mandalorian, he was an instant pop culture superstar; by the end of 2019, The Hollywood Reporter had declared him the future of Hollywood. So it didn’t take long for Baby Yoda toys and dolls to start appearing on the market, but few of them were able to capture the multi-faceted appeal of the adorable space creature. It’s not just his big eyes or his little monkish robe, but also his puppet movements and his little noises; Baby Yoda on The Mandalorian is greater than the sum of his parts. But on Tuesday, Hasbro unveiled a new Baby Yoda animatronic that might be the closest yet to capturing his magical aura.

In the video above, you can see the new Baby Yoda animatronic move his arms and make his noises. It can even do an imitation of the character’s Force use: His eyes close, his hands lift, and epic music plays. Cutest of all, he even bears that pendant shaped like the symbol of the Mandalorians. That animatronic will be available at major retailers this fall.

Time for a disclaimer: Disney and Hasbro still insist the character’s official name is “The Child.” Anyway, alongside the Baby Yoda animatronic, Hasbro also unveiled other Baby Yoda products to come including a talking plush t oy, a 6.5-inch figure, a series of 2.2-inch collectibles, and a 1.12-inch collectible action figure. Those are due out in the spring.

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