The Masked Singer is one of the most mind-meltingly silly, unintentionally — and intentionally — hilarious, and baffling shows on television. The outrageous costumes (The Black Widow outfit is still causing nightmares for some EW staffers). The panelists’ unpredictable guesses (Celine Dion?? Really Ken?). The fact that a rapping White Tiger is one of the top contenders on season 3. It’s all so unbelievable — and we love it.

To watch such a topsy-turvy show, it might help to have some … beverages to help you absorb all the craziness. The Masked Singer is the perfect show for a drinking game, and since we’re on its third installment already, there are definitely patterns that have sprung up to keep you reaching for your cup.

The Masked Singer
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EW has compiled a list from the panelists’ and host Nick Cannon’s catchphrases, the kinds of clues the contestants give out, and even audience reactions, to enhance your viewing experience. We know, we know, it’s a family show, and this game is just as fun with a Shirley Temple.

As the recently ousted Llama said to EW, “There’s no way you can take this show seriously.” So let’s suspend reality, and just enjoy the zany show! Without further ado…

EW’s The Masked Singer Drinking Game

Drink every time:

1. Ken Jeong says “I know exactly who this is” about a contestant. Example, from last season:

2. A panelist makes a truly awful guess (e.g. Celine Dion, Jamie Foxx, Fabio).

3. The other panelists make fun of Jeong’s terrible predictions (“Ken Jeong wrong,” as Jenny McCarthy once said).

4. Nicole Scherzinger is brought to tears by a contestant’s performance.

5. Jenny says “Girlfriend!” to a contestant (often combined with “I’m seeing you in the finals!”).

6. Robin Thicke piggybacks off another panelist’s guess, usually Jenny or Nicole.

7. Nick makes a transition by going “One thing we do know.”

8. We see a shot of someone going crazy in the audience, like so:

9. Some weird sexual energy happens between Nicole and one of the contestants.

10. Jenny finds a way to bring up that her husband is Donnie Wahlberg.

11. A guest panelist makes a better guess than the actual panelists.

12. A contestant’s clue is a sexual innuendo involving one of the panelists (e.g. “We spent a night together”).

13. A panelist guesses a contestant is boy bander or an R&B diva (e.g. Joey McIntyre, Joey Fatone, Gloria Gaynor).

14. A panelist uses the adjective “soulful” to describe a performance.

15. Nick says he knew exactly who the celebrity was after they’re unmasked (How are we supposed to just take your word for this, Nick?), like when Chaka Khan was unmasked last episode:

Apologies if you end up under a table within the first 20 minutes of the show.

A new episode of The Masked Singer airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET, where we’ll meet the six contestants of Group B: Banana, Mouse, Elephant, Taco, Kitty, and Frog.

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